International Contingency Program

Bowtech Archery is proud to announce its 2017 International Competitive Contingency Program!

In addition, bonuses will be awarded for multiple top 3 wins and for Shooter of the Year winners in these organizations.

Click Here for a printable version of the International Contingency Program – Rules & Regulations

Indoor World Cup  | Pro Series  | Rules and Regulations 

Indoor World Cup

Indoor World Cups (Marrakesh, Bangkok, Nimes and Finals), Outdoor World Cups (Shanghai, Medellin, Antalya and Finals), World Championships (Indoor, Outdoor and Field)

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Male Freestyle$12,500$3000$1500
Female Freestyle$8000$2000$1000



Indoor World Cup  | Pro Series  | Rules and Regulations 

Pro Series

Pro Series (Fort Van Lier, Mullenborn, Luxembourg and Dan-Y-Darren), Kings of Archery, Berlin Open, European Championships and Youth World Championships (Indoor and Outdoor)

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Male Freestyle$5,000$2,000$1,000
Female Freestyle$3,000$1,000$500



All Pro classes will be eligible for a bonus pool for top 3 finishes, after the first top 3 finish:

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Male Freestyle$3,000$2,000$1,000
Female Freestyle$2,000$1,000$500



Indoor World Cup  | Pro Series  | Rules and Regulations 

  • Shooters must register at the Bowtech booth when on location prior to the start of their first course or tournament day.
  •  All participants must display a Bowtech or Diamond logo on their shirts on the podium.
  • All participants must use a Bowtech or Diamond bow for the entire tournament. At the discretion of Bowtech, the participant may be required to have a member of their shooting group confirm the equipment used.
  • Official 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers only will be awarded contingency monies. The placing determined by the shoot-off, or however the organization determines their placing, will be the standard used.
  • Recipient must claim contingency money from the shooting staff coordinator at Bowtech within 30 days of the tournament.
  • Additional information, including Social Security number, may be required.
  • Bowtech may at any time, and at its sole discretion, cancel or include additional divisions, classes and/or tournament events in the contingency program.