WEDNESDAYS 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern
Randy Newberg has been hunting elk on public land his entire life. He’s been producing his own hunting TV shows all over the west for over a dozen years. We’re excited to bring Randy, and his amazing wealth of knowledge, direct to you in LIVE Q&A sessions every Wednesday at 7pP / 10pE. Elk Talk is all about helping you become a better hunter… a smarter hunter. Don’t forget to watch Randy’s show First Tracks on Amazon too.

BOW: Reign 7, Optifade Elevated II


TUESDAYS 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern
Nate Zelinsky has been a guide for western big game hunts for nearly 15 years. He’s been involved in over 250 big game hunts and knows a thing or two about elk, mule deer, sheep, ram, lions, moose and other game in the rocky mountains. This week he sits with a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer to review the 2018 Big Game regulations and fees. Get your question answered LIVE.

BOW: Realm X, Mossy Oak, Break-Up Country

Your Questions, Our Factory Staff Answers

We love our technology so much that we put TECH in our name. We know you love it too. That’s why we take the time to answer your questions about our bows. And not only our bows, our factory technicians and engineers will cover the basics of compound technology and help get you on the right path. Legends like Rod Dogg and our ever-knowledgeable Jeremiah will sort through your question submissions and try to answer the most important topics. Not only answer them but show you exactly how to make those easy adjustments for more precise and efficient shooting. Remember, your Bowtech Dealer is your ultimate resource for setting up and tuning your bow, but if you want to learn HOW our bows work and WHY they are the most accurate and efficient bows on the market then this show is for you. Want an alert when Tech Talk LIVE is happening? Simply text “GoLIVE” to 77453 in the US.


SATURDAYS 6a Pacific / 9a Eastern
Chef Collins loves to share his experiences in cuisine and life, having cooked for presidents, prime ministers, billionaires, celebrities and royalty. Along with his sons Dakota and Bailey, Chef has made it his quest to hunt, harvest and prepare their own food. Although they may be fairly new to hunting these 3 culinary experts will help you make the most of your game. From field prep to serving your friends and family, Sure-Fire has you covered in more ways than one. Bring the entire family, expect to learn, get your questions answered and maybe even win a sweet tool for your kitchen.

BOW: Realm, Black Ops & BT Mag X, Black Ops


FRIDAYS 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern
Jeremy Starks is our resident wildlife biologist and all around whitetail deer expert. He’s written about everything from food plots to disease outbreaks. Join him on Fridays as he fields your questions but also dishes out tips on what you should be doing to make yourself more successful.

BOW: Reign 7, Optifade Elevated II


Bowtech is committed to target archery through our prostaff and event schedule. The Fanatic 3.0 is our most advanced target bow to date. It has put more shooters on the podium in 2017 than any other year. We bring you exclusive LIVE interviews with the biggest names in the sport. Plus you can catch tech tip sessions while getting your questions answered. We also strive to bring you LIVE coverage right from some key events. Keep watching and see why Bowtech’s target archery program is one of the most progressive by any bow brand.

Meet The Fanatic 3.0 SD
Meet The Fanatic 3.0 XL