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A BT-X Texas Monster

December 19, 2016

by: Rick Philippi

It was sweltering hot and very dry. The hunting started very slow. There was a tremendous crop of acorns covering Mother Nature’s earth floor, which scattered the deer all over. I knew the hunting would be tough until we had some cooler weather.

It was Saturday evening as I crawled into the Shadow Hunter blind. It was brutally hot! I thought to myself, “I bet the deer don’t move until dark, if they move at all”. Looking across the field I saw a nice management buck under a huge oak tree munching on acorns. Periodically, he would stop and stare into the timber to his right. This went on for an hour.

With 30 minutes of light remaining the buck stopped eating acorns and stood alert with his ears pointing straight up while starring into the timber. Emerging from the dense cover was a monster of a deer. I knew immediately he was a shooter! The big guy headed on a direct trail to where I was sitting. Grabbing the Bowtech BT-X I had plenty of time to prepare for what might happen. The monster of a deer was closing the distance to my location. Approaching, he started eating acorns. He was now at 15 yards. I patiently waited for a quartering away shot. It seemed like an eternity when finally he presented the shot I needed. Going to full draw with my Bowtech BTX, I settled my pin on his vitals. Squeezing the trigger, the arrow and broadhead went through his vitals in a millisecond!

“Emerging from the dense cover was a monster of a deer. I knew immediately he was a shooter!”

I felt the shot was good, but I sat for thirty minutes. Getting out of the blind I picked up the blood trail and after 60 yards, there laid the giant of a deer. I took a quiet moment and thanked the good lord for the opportunity that had just unfolded. The buck had 18 points and scored 202 5/8.