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A Passion for Bowhunting is Born

July 5, 2016

by: Scott Smith, Bowtech Pro Staff

My dad started taking me hunting and fishing as soon as I was able to walk. We caught bull frogs, fished and hunted as much as possible. It would have been very easy for me to get discouraged deer hunting because of the area we lived in. If you saw 3 deer per season you were lucky. If you saw a legal deer you were very lucky. As the years passed, my quest to shoot a deer never wavered. One day at age 13 my dad drove me to our hunting lease and said he would be back at dark to pick me up. About 2 hours in to the hunt I heard something walking behind me, as I slowly turned around I saw it was a deer, not just a deer, but a buck!! It had 3 points and it was legal. I slowly raised my .243 and fired. My first deer ever was in the books. Call it a gift, but I was blessed with the ability to shoot a firearm very accurately, whether it be a rifle, shot gun or pistol, right or left-handed. As a result, I became bored with hunting with a firearm. This is when my passion for bowhunting was born. I bought my first bow at age 15. The first animal I harvested with a bow was a wild hog. It would take another 3 years to harvest my first deer with a bow. That is when the 3-D tournament bug bit me and it refused to let go.I would try and shoot 2 tournaments a weekend and no less than 100 practice arrows. I continued this pace for 12 years before I decided to concentrate on hunting. Over the next 26 years I harvested 78 whitetail, an Elk, 23 African animals, way too many wild pigs to count, a flying pheasant, and numerous varmints and small game, and even bowfished several years. The last 7 years I have been blessed to be on Bowtech’s Pro Staff and their C.E.R.T. ( Cabelas Elite Retail Team ), a relationship I hope continues for a very long time. It is not everyday that a person gets to live their dreams with a company like Bowtech supporting them.