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A Perfectly Scripted Whitetail Hunt

November 21, 2016

by: Annette Thomas

On October 23, 2016 the wind was perfect for me to hunt a stand that has become one of my favorite spots to hunt. This stand is in beautiful spot and is also where I shot my buck last year. I have hunted it a few other times this year and seen only does and small yearling bucks.

On this night, as soon as I was in the stand and had my bow up, one of the small yearling bucks came in. He was in front of me for a long time eating on corn that was left in the field, and leaves on some bushes on the edge of the woods across the way. Then a few does and a larger buck ran through the woods on the other side of the field about 40 yards away, but they were not going to slow down. Something had spooked them. They ran out of the woods and into the field to the west of me and the small buck that I had been watching went with them.

After that I did not see another deer for close to 2 hours. It seemed like forever (we all know how that is).

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a buck walk in just east of me. This was the direction my wind was blowing, so I was surprised when he did not smell me and spook, but he did not. He walked up to a tree on the other side, and began to mess with a limb that was hanging down.


“I knew in the back of mind that it was now, or never, so I let it fly.”

Then like he had read the script that had been set up for my hunt he made his way across the field to the corn pile 15 yards in front of me. Once I realized he was big enough to harvest, I tried not to focus too much on his size.

Right as he walked up to the corn and put his head down, I knew I had my chance to pull my bow back. As I did and steadied my pins on him, I saw a small raccoon under me also making it’s way to the corn. I knew in the back of mind that it was now, or never, so I let it fly. As I watched my arrow with the lighted nock go through him and stick in the dirt, he took off running into the adjacent woods. I could hear him crash right inside the woods, and I knew then I had just smoked my 2016 buck.

The adrenaline and the emotions where so overwhelming I had a hard time texting my husband to tell him what had just happened. After I settled down and stopped shaking I climbed down from the tree. I walked to my arrow, which was covered in bright red lung blood. We tracked him into the woods and found him just inside the woods, about 10 yards. He had crashed into some downed limbs and died; double lung shot.

He is not the largest deer I have ever put on the ground, but I could not be more proud. I was able to put a great shot on a beautiful animal and being able to share this story with all my friends and family means more than inches of antlers any day.


About Annette: I am a married, mother of 4 from Wyandot County, Ohio. I have been hunting for 3 years with my Bowtech Heartbreaker compound bow.