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A Tale of Two Public Land Whitetails

November 14, 2016

by: Kenny Hollingsworth, Bowtech Pro Staff

Well, I just returned from a tough, great week of archery hunting public land in Kentucky. As some of my friends know,  I like to use a jet drive boat to access hard to get to areas to archery hunt. Sometimes on archery only WMA’s, sometimes on general season WMA’s. Last year I was able to harvest one of my biggest public whitetails ever with the RPM 360.  This year it was a combo of each. I started the week off on the WMA I killed a nice buck at last year, then changed on midweek when I wasn’t seeing much of anything besides small bucks and fawns. Ended up sort of  the same story, but worse, on the new spot. I saw 3 deer total from Wednesday to Saturday morning.



“Another great hunt that I didn’t think would happen this time. 2 years in a row on 11/12.”

Finally, at 3:55 p.m. a doe walked into the edge of the cedar thicket, near the hardwood draw I was setup at the head of. A few seconds later I noticed a huge buck following her. Since it was in such thick brush, once I saw it was a good buck I tried not to look again. The doe fed into 25 yards, but the buck stayed put. Eventually the doe decided to leave and bounded off! The buck followed, but luckily for me he tried to cut her off and moved into range. I came to full draw and watched an opening I had judged at 40 yards (couldn’t range it). I grunted to stop him and threaded the needle with my BTX-31 at what turned out to be 43 yards. The arrow sailed over a group of limbs at 32 yards and fell right into his rib cage for a quartering away hit! He ran off, and after a 150 yard tracking job he was piled up! As per normal for me, I was close to 3/4 mile up the mountain from the boat. Once I found him and took some pics, I filled out my tag and called in the confirmation number. After that I headed for the boat to drop off my stand and gear along with picking up my pack frame to haul the deer out. I guessed this deer at six to seven years old and well over 200 pounds live weight. I had 71 pounds of boned out meat at the processor in the morning. Packed the meat, cape and head out in one trip……slowly! Another great hunt that I didn’t think would happen this time. Two years in a row on 11/12. This one grossed 139 3/8″ P&Y as a clean 8 point. Lots of big deer went down over the last week. I was glad to be a part of it again! What a great repeat of last years archery success! I can only dream of making it three in a row next year!