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Hunting the Stubborn Long Beard

by: Jeremy Myers, Bowtech Pro Staff Growing up I always had a fascination with spring gobblers. Through trial and error I quickly learned that turkey hunting requires patience, the ability to adapt, and to move fast and quietly when the bird is gobbling 2 ridges over. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned along the way. Turkeys rut […]


My First Bull Elk – A Tribute To My Friend

by: Tony Rivello I am confident there isn’t a hunter alive that doesn’t remember his or her first successful big game harvest.  Well, this is a recap of mine and it’ll be one that I’ll remember til I am good and old.  I didn’t start hunting big game until 2012 at the age of 42.  […]


The Buckeye Bruiser

by: Amber Girardeau As a woman hunter I see so many ladies struggle to get into this sport whether it is because they are misinformed, don’t have a patient teacher, or are afraid to be stereotyped.  Women should be proud to become a huntress!  I am so thankful to my husband for sharing his passion with […]


A BT-X Texas Monster

by: Rick Philippi It was sweltering hot and very dry. The hunting started very slow. There was a tremendous crop of acorns covering Mother Nature’s earth floor, which scattered the deer all over. I knew the hunting would be tough until we had some cooler weather. It was Saturday evening as I crawled into the […]


A New Reign Begins

Bowtech unveils it’s 2017 flagship bows the Reign 6 & Reign 7. The next in its line of Smart Bow technologies, the Reign features a refined draw cycle, enhanced stability and is equipped with OverDrive Binary cams, which makes it the only bow that tunes 100% to you. The Reign is a culmination of Bowtech […]


My Son’s First Buck

by: Danny Howell My son, Keagan Howell who is 13 has  been shooting his Bowtech Fuel for 3 years now and loves it. He shot his 1st deer with it last year, it was a doe. I took him to hunter safety this year and got him his hunting license, so he could come hunt the […]


A Perfectly Scripted Whitetail Hunt

by: Annette Thomas On October 23, 2016 the wind was perfect for me to hunt a stand that has become one of my favorite spots to hunt. This stand is in beautiful spot and is also where I shot my buck last year. I have hunted it a few other times this year and seen […]


First Archery Buck: A Dream Come True

by: Megan Ellenburg My one and only hunting experience ever prior to this hunt was in South Africa in 2011. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but my parents lived in Africa. I was very fortunate and able to harvest an impala and a blesbok with a rifle. After the trip, I really did think […]