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First Archery Buck: A Dream Come True

by: Megan Ellenburg My one and only hunting experience ever prior to this hunt was in South Africa in 2011. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but my parents lived in Africa. I was very fortunate and able to harvest an impala and a blesbok with a rifle. After the trip, I really did think […]


A Tale of Two Public Land Whitetails

by: Kenny Hollingsworth, Bowtech Pro Staff Well, I just returned from a tough, great week of archery hunting public land in Kentucky. As some of my friends know,  I like to use a jet drive boat to access hard to get to areas to archery hunt. Sometimes on archery only WMA’s, sometimes on general season WMA’s. […]


Loppy the Buck

by: Jared Knerr, Bowtech Regional Sales Manager The story of my buck with a lopsided rack (Loppy) began on October 11, 2015. His first appearance was on a trail camera we had positioned over a community scrape. Due to his body shape and behavior with the other deer, we initially thought he was a 4.5 […]


The 15 Year Buck

by: Christy Hemken, Bowtech Shooter This year started off a little slow, I hadn’t filled a tag yet.  I’ve killed my fair share of deer in the past, but never a wall hanger!  For the past few years I have let several deer walk just waiting for the buck I’ve never had the chance at.  […]


Perseverance Leads to a Big Kansas Whitetail

by: Jessica Holsteen, Bowtech Shooter A Kansas whitetail buck has always been on my hit list for years. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Kansas this year with my stepdad. We had planned to stay and hunt for a week, and honestly I knew I would probably see a handful of nice […]


Making Every Shot Count

by: Alexis Maucieri, Bowtech Pro Staff My season didn’t start out how I had planned. I fell in gym class and broke my wrist and when I was finally able to shoot again on our way out hunting that morning my dad and I got into an accident and I suffered severe whiplash, which brings us […]


Bowhunter Planet Reviews the Fanatic 3.0

“They’ve (Bowtech) been doing a fantastic job with improvements. Really taking the feedback from the archers that are shooting their products and moving forward with their design.” -Christopher Schnur. Bowhunter Planet Learn more about the Fanatic 3.0.


Sometimes it takes a village – Archery Bushpig hunt in South Africa

by: Bill Lukaskiewicz, Bowtech Pro Staff My professional hunter Christiaan DuPlooy and I spent a more than 35 hours over the course of about a week in a blind at night hunting bushpig in 2014.We passed on two females and one young male on Day 1 – and never saw another. Challenging, sure, but challenging doesn’t […]