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Canadian Black Bear Hunt with HealthyHunters

In episode one of the HuntFit series Adam Valastro, from the HealthyHunters crew, heads to Canada to take his first black bear with his Bowtech BT-X. Valastro added, “Hunting bears for the first time brought me right back to my childhood, when I released my very first arrow on a whitetail. The excitement of killing my […]


Bowtech Partners with HealthyHunters

Bowtech is excited to partner with the hunting fitness and health experts at HealthyHunters. Over the next few months, they will be bringing us tips on staying fit, eating healthy, and training to hunt at your best in their “HuntFit” video series. In their first video installment, “Human”, they take a look into what it means […]


A Perfect Spot and Stalk

by: Kris Skelly, Bowtech Pro Staff “Perfect conditions make for a perfect stalk” Without a solid game plan, good friends, and perfect conditions….some hunts just are not possible.  On occasion when everything aligns perfectly, these are the moments you cherish always. I was invited out to chase mule deer by a close friend of mine in […]


Big New Mexico DIY Wapiti

by: Kenny Hollingsworth, Bowtech Pro Staff After being successful in the 2015 New Mexico drawing in a highly sought after unit in Southern New Mexico, and missing two bulls, I was anxious to apply for a tag for the upcoming 2016 season. Amazingly, as a non-resident, I was able to draw my third choice this […]


Whitetail Reign Finds Big Velvet Success in Georgia

by: William Reynolds, Whitetail Reign After the 2015 season, Michael Lowery‘s life took a new turn and he found himself hunting some new territory in 2016, Georgia. Throughout 2016 Mike was getting a lot of trail cam pics on this new ground and one buck in particular, a heavy, wide 6 point immediately went to the […]


Arizona Archery Velvet Muley Hunt

by: Jon Yokley, Bowtech Pro Staff After a successful Arizona desert spot and stalk pronghorn hunt this August, my friend and hunting buddy Tiger and I decided to try our luck on some of the very elusive OTC desert muleys. The success rate for archery in Arizona runs between 3% and 7% most years, so you can […]


Solo Elk Hunt Success

We recently received an email from one of our most experienced shooting staff members following the harvest of his 2016 bull elk. The 72-year-old went on a solo elk hunt and had tremendous success proving age is just a number. Here is his story… “My 2016 Oregon Elk Season is in the books.  This 5 […]