Fanatic2 Blue

Fanatic 2.0 29″ Cam System

Leave the competition behind with the Fanatic 2.0, powered with Bowtech’s PowerShift Technology. With a simple adjustment of the PowerShift, the draw cycle of the Fanatic 2.0 transforms from undeniable comfort to hard hitting performance. The Fanatic 2.0 riser is enhanced with an upgraded ergonomical grip and protected with Ano-Rock Finish for impenetrable durability and an array of colors. Multiple draw stops come standard to custom tailor the let off on the Fanatic 2.0. Featuring multiple cam options for maximum efficiency and draw length range

With the Fanatic 2.0, nines are no longer an option.

The Fanatic 2.0 is available with a 29″ Cam System and a 32″ Cam System.

Bow Type Target
Draw Length 24-29"
IBO Speed 308 FPS
Mass Weight 4.7 LBS
Axle to Axle 37.5"
Brace Height 7.13"
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70
MSRP $1,499
Effective Let-off
Kinetic Energy 73.65 ft-lbs

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