The Realmâ„¢, our newest SmartBow, takes performance and precision to a whole new world with innovations that deliver unmatched accuracy, control and stability. The one-of a kind Overdrive Binary cam system provides 100% control and easy tuning to each individual shooter. Powershift Technology allows archers to customize the draw cycle to fit their needs – with the simple flip of a disc. Plus, the all-new CP Dual Lock system creates expert precision, stability and accuracy by locking the solid core limbs to the pocket, and the pocket to the riser. The new Orbit Dampener can be strategically placed to offset the additional weight caused by the addition of accessories, while reducing unwanted vibration. The introduction of the modular Clutch Performance Grip gives archers additional customization with expanded colors and styles, while providing anti-torque and comfort.The Realm X takes all the advanced technology of the Realm to the extreme. An extended axle-to-axle allows for even more stability and increased speed, creating precision and accuracy at farther distances.



OverDrive Binary Cam

The only cam system that tunes 100% to you.

CP Dual Lock

Double locking limb pockets, creating zero-tolerance stability and repeatable accuracy.

Clutch Performance Grip

The most comfortable modular grip on the market.

FLX Guard

Terminates riser torque, providing increased forgiveness and accuracy.

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