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Bowtech versatility, Bowtech Powershift!

May 31, 2016

By: Sean Nel, Media Manager, Archer’s Edge Equipment ~

Heading into our local hunting season, it was time to set up my bow and make sure my equipment is perfect for a good, ethical hunt.

To me, that means I need to set up my equipment in such a way that I get a balance of the straightest flying arrows, truest hit, fastest flight and best penetration I can manage.

It’s great to have an arrow that flies extremely fast to reduce “string jumping” on skittish game, but not if you have to set up a bow with such heavy poundage that you can’t hold on target, thus reducing accuracy. No matter how you slice it, an arrow hitting vitals at 240 fps will always beat a 300 fps arrow that missed because it placed your equipment outside your ability to manage effectively. It’s the same with arrow flight. An arrow that is fishtailing or porpoising has more drag, slowing the arrow faster over distance. That means, a 400 grain arrow with 2 inch fletches traveling at 300 fps when leaving the bow, will drop its speed by 8-10 fps over 20 yds. If its fishtailing, it will drop its speed by 15 fps, and hit your game at an angle, which means less penetration all round (angle of entrance of the broadhead, less speed, less kinetic energy, less momentum)

Labeling myself an “Ethical Hunter” means I need to take all of that into consideration before I go out into the field, which brings me to the versatility of my Bowtech Prodigy.

I have been shooting a Bowtech Fanatic at 58 lbs for the last 12 months, and I am very comfortable there, so when it came to setting up my Bowtech Prodigy hunting bow with 70lb limbs, I ran the numbers for the harvest I was after, which included kudu, waterbuck, impala, blessbuck and wildebeest, and set my bow down to 61 lbs. That gave me 282 fps on my Goldtip Pierce 410 gr arrows and about 72 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. An easy drawing bow with very little holding weight and more than enough headroom on kinetic energy, even on an animal 50yds out.

However, the possibility for bigger game such as buffalo and giraffe came up and I assumed I would need to get a new bow with 80 pound limbs for that, but just wanted to see what the 70 pound Prodigy would give me. Limbs went to the stops, just over 71lbs, and I extended my draw length to 30″ (comfortable for my 6’4 body) shooting my same 410 gr GoldTip arrow, hit 301fps, giving me 82.5 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. That put me inside the legal bow hunting requirement for Buffalo in South Africa. However, I was still on the #3 “Comfort” setting. A quick adjustment on the Bowtech Powershift Module to the #1 “Performance” setting and I was getting a whopping 316 fps on the same 71 lbs poundage and 30″ draw length!

The legal requirement for bow hunting giraffe in South Africa is 90 ft-lbs kinetic energy and my Prodigy was giving me 90.9 ft-lbs kinetic energy!

I went from a super smooth, easy drawing, easy holding 282 fps, 72ft-lbs KE comfort bow, to a 316 fps, 90.9 ft-lbs KE, big game power bow with literally a few twists of my allen keys. All from the same 70 pound limbs on the Bowtech Prodigy.

I love my Bowtech bows!

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