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Choices: An Alaskan Musk Ox Hunt

by: Paul Atkins, Bowtech Pro Staff When summer ends and I get ready to head back to Alaska each fall, decisions have to be made on what to pack and not to pack. It’s a big undertaking and at times can be quite cumbersome. Clothes, food, and everything else that must sustain me for the […]


Should Women Shoot Women Specific Bows?

by: Aimee Burnett-Hartwig & featuring Lora Varju, Bowtech Pro Staff We’ve all heard the statistics, women and children are the fasting growing demographics in the hunting industry. Over the last decade or so companies have ramped up efforts to hone in on the female hunter, creating whole lines of clothing and gear designed to fit […]


Super Tune Your Bow Using Smart Bow Technology

by: Jeremy Starks, Bowtech Ambassador Jeremy shows you how to use the Bowtech Micro Sync Dial to easily adjust your timing without a bow press. The latest Bowtech technology allows you to fine tune your bow at home or in the field. Step 1  Begin by checking the the timing at full draw. For this […]


Hunting for Health: Week 4 & 5

by: Laura Gesh, Bowtech Ambassador Getting in shape to chase animals this season doesn’t have to be hard. Each week Laura Gesh is offering up two days of exercises that will help you overcome the physical challenges associated with hunting. Week 4, Day 7 : Video Log Week 4, Day 7 : Exercise List: Week […]


South African Nyala Hunt

by: Bill Lukaskiewicz, Bowtech Pro Staff I’ve dreamed about hunting another spiral-horned antelope since my kudu in 2009. Bushbuck and nyala are found in thick, dense cover near a water source. They’re very skittish, beautiful, spiral-horned antelope and prefer to move at low light, making them a very challenging animal to hunt with a bow. I was […]


3 Easy Steps for Tuning Fixed Blade Broadheads

Step 1 Shoot a couple of groups with field points and include one or two broadhead tipped arrows. Shoot from a 20-30 yd distance and determine a consistent impact point of the field points verses broadheads. Step 2 Move the rest in very small increments away from the broadhead.  eg..if the broadhead is impacting to […]


A Purpose Driven Life is a Life Well-Lived

by: Lora Varju, Bowtech Pro Staff As a child we dream of what we will be when we grow up. It may be a doctor, a ballerina, a biologist, or even an actress. But, during that same time it often becomes instilled in us that we are to grow up and work the Monday through Friday […]


Perservering in South Africa

by: Tom Powell My first South African safari was a learning experience to say the least.  The trip started with the theft of all my camera gear, binoculars, range finder, archery release aids, pocket knife, cell phone chargers, and even my brand new Under Armour long underwear at the Johannesburg airport. I was told my checked baggage, with bows and accessories, could be routed through to […]