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The 15 Year Buck

by: Christy Hemken, Bowtech Shooter This year started off a little slow, I hadn’t filled a tag yet.  I’ve killed my fair share of deer in the past, but never a wall hanger!  For the past few years I have let several deer walk just waiting for the buck I’ve never had the chance at.  […]


Perseverance Leads to a Big Kansas Whitetail

by: Jessica Holsteen, Bowtech Shooter A Kansas whitetail buck has always been on my hit list for years. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Kansas this year with my stepdad. We had planned to stay and hunt for a week, and honestly I knew I would probably see a handful of nice […]


Making Every Shot Count

by: Alexis Maucieri, Bowtech Pro Staff My season didn’t start out how I had planned. I fell in gym class and broke my wrist and when I was finally able to shoot again on our way out hunting that morning my dad and I got into an accident and I suffered severe whiplash, which brings us […]


Sometimes it takes a village – Archery Bushpig hunt in South Africa

by: Bill Lukaskiewicz, Bowtech Pro Staff My professional hunter Christiaan DuPlooy and I spent a more than 35 hours over the course of about a week in a blind at night hunting bushpig in 2014.We passed on two females and one young male on Day 1 – and never saw another. Challenging, sure, but challenging doesn’t […]


The Essentials of Self Filming Hunts

by: Jeremy Myers, Bowtech Ambassador Anyone who has ever filmed a hunt knows just how difficult it can be, especially if you are self filming. Having the right equipment can make the experience a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. Equipment List Camera Tripod Camera arm (tree stand hunting) Remote Shotgun mic Wireless mic To […]


Hunting Big Ol’ Oklahoma Whitetail

by: John Pickens It was Friday, October 14 and when my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. I immediately thought to myself, “I really hope that deer holds true.”  That’s because the deer had fallen into an early morning, daylight pattern the 3 days prior, and I could not get off work to hunt him.  And on […]


HuntFit Semi-Live Series by HealthyHunters: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the HuntFit SemiLive Series by HealthyHunters. In this episode we discuss preseason strategy, our opening week, and the HealthyHunters Fitness Tip Of The Week. Thank you for watching!


The True Essence of Bowhunting

by: Paul Atkins, Bowtech Hunting Staff As I stood behind that tree I remember thinking, this is perfect. A perfect moment when the world was right and nothing else really mattered. And even though the deer that was feeding towards me at 20 yards had no clue I even existed, it wasn’t really about the […]