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What Does it Take to Make it in the Hunting Industry?

by: Jeremy Myers, Bowtech Ambassador “What does it take to make it in the hunting industry?” I get messages about this often. Well, here is my best advice. The first thing you need to remember is there are thousands upon thousands of people trying to do the exact same thing you are. I mean if […]


Perservering in South Africa

by: Tom Powell My first South African safari was a learning experience to say the least.  The trip started with the theft of all my camera gear, binoculars, range finder, archery release aids, pocket knife, cell phone chargers, and even my brand new Under Armour long underwear at the Johannesburg airport. I was told my checked baggage, with bows and accessories, could be routed through to […]


Eva Shockey Wins Top Honors in Field & Stream Survey

Real women weigh in on all things hunting and fishing in a recent Field & Stream online survey. Over 900 women shared what they think about the state of their sports. Eva Shockey won top honors for most prominent outdoorswoman. 5. What prominent female outdoorswoman do you admire most? Top answers: Eva Shockey: 180 votes Tiffany […]


Hunting for Health: Week 2

    Laura Gesh, Bowtech Ambassador, is on a mission to help you get your body ready for hunting season. Through a series of quick videos she gives you exercises to help tone and train your muscles to take on any challenge. These exercise sessions are meant to be quick and easy enough to do […]


Hunting for Health: Week 1

by: Laura Gesh, Bowtech Ambassador Hunting for health. Over the next 6 weeks Laura will be creating a series of videos, focusing on exercises that you can do around the house, to help get you ready for season. The exercises are fast and easy, so everyone can fit it into their busy schedules. It shouldn’t take […]


Bowhunting Spring Turkey

by: Krissy Knox, Bowtech Ambassador Spring Turkey season has always been a stinging reminder of why we call it hunting and not killing.  In fact, it is a fair assessment to say that these bearded birds are my archery nemesis.   My gobbler career began about 10 years after the bowhunting obsession took hold, as I […]


Dangerous Game

by: Paul D. Atkins, Bowtech Pro Staff Pursuing Cape buffalo with a bow has always been a dream of mine. The reality of it came a couple of weeks ago when I ventured to Africa and hunted with Dries Visser Safaris and long time professional hunter Hein Lottering. The first couple days we were challenged […]


2014 Oregon DIY Public Land – Rocky Mountain Elk

by: Hunter Jay Williams, Bowtech Pro Staff Hunter Jay Williams, Bowtech Pro Staff shares his passion for hardcore backcountry DIY public land bowhunting for Oregon Rocky Mountain Elk.    September – one of my favorite months of the year affords me the opportunity to pursue my passion as a hardcore backcountry DIY public land bowhunter. This […]