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Jim Burnworth Video Tip: Broad Heads To 60 Yds

It’s August, do you know where your broad heads are landing? Right now is the time to get you, your bow and your broad heads on the same page. Jim Burnworth has over 1000 big game kills, including 74 elk. If anyone knows the importance of having your mind, body and bow in sync it’s […]


What makes Bowtech Bows Unique

John Hernandez of Bowtech Archery talks about what makes Bowtech bows unique with Dan Johnson, Host of the Nine Finger Chronicles. Click play to listen to the podcast!


Bowtech versatility, Bowtech Powershift!

By: Sean Nel, Media Manager, Archer’s Edge Equipment ~ Heading into our local hunting season, it was time to set up my bow and make sure my equipment is perfect for a good, ethical hunt.