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DIY Oregon Spring Turkey Hunt

June 6, 2016

By: Laura Gesh ~

Fair chase DIY turkey hunting in Oregon…what can I say. In the last couple of years I’ve had several close encounters and some misses that only left me a small pile of feathers. I keep them in a jar as a reminder of how incredible these birds are.

On the night of April 21, 2016 it all came together, and what an epic experience it was. Since the season opener the week before, I had put in 3 hunts. We patterned a group of turkeys and located their roosting trees. My first two hunts were early morning and they busted me both times. So my husband, and hunting partner Brett Gesh, decided to give the evening a try. After a long week of working, Thursday night rolled around and we found ourselves in the blind, laughing as always. It was the calm before the storm. Black clouds, thunder and lightning were on the horizon. Time was running short. That’s when we looked up and saw bright red heads walking through the grass… game on.

We watched the toms strut and gobble for about 20-30 minutes until Brett was able to sweet talk them close enough to see our decoys. As the toms approached the blind I was able to get a smooth, silent draw with my new Bowtech BT-X. They strutted by the decoys all puffed up, I put my 20 yard pin on one, 1 shot and 15 feet later my 2016 Spring Turkey tag was punched.

A culmination of practice, perseverance, dedication and my amazing Bowtech BT-X, led to the harvest of this amazing animal. I can’t thank the Bowtech Pro Shop in Eugene enough for all their help, what an amazing group to work with.

Remember live, love, hunt.