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Elk Calling – Think Outside the Box

August 22, 2016

by: Nate Zelinsky, Bowtech Ambassador

When it comes to elk hunting, calling seems to be the name of the game. Everyone wants that rush of a big bull breaking through the trees and coming in. But, calling can be a touchy subject and there are a lot of things that go with it.

Things to keep in mind…

  1. Call Shy Elk – if you’re hunting a really pressured area calling very little or not at all can often work out in your favor.
  2. Herd Bulls – herd bulls in big territories are a lot easier to successful call in.
  3. Learn Your Animals – if you’re in an area where calling is prevalent play it safe, and if you do call, call on a much¬†lighter scale. For instance, a few cow calls here and there. On the other hand if you’re hunting a big herd bull, call big, sound big, be aggressive.
  4. Have a Variety of Calls – have a variety of calls that allow you to sound different. Not every bull is going to respond to the same call.
  5. Think Outside the Box – if you’re having trouble getting a bull to come inside that shooting range think outside the box. Make a sound they’ve never heard before. For instance: Nate used a double cow call. (see video for details)

And, remember… you don’t have to be a perfect caller to be successful. You just need to find something that works.