When Tim Gillingham hits any outdoor archery course, his competitors know they need to be top of their game. This past weekend, Tim showed why. Bowtech is proud to announce that Tim is the 2022 Champion in the Senior Male Championship division in the 2022 NFAA Marked 3D National Championships. 2 Days in, Tim was solidly out front, but the rest were nipping at his heels. On day 3, Tim knew he needed to have his mental game on point, and he did just that. When the competitors left an opening to extend his lead, Tim slammed the door to take his first win in Redding.

After the tournament, Pearce shared: “Tournaments like the NFAA Marked Distance Nationals require a bow setup that is very precise and reliable. My Reckoning 38 was a big part of my success in the last three years and my first win this weekend in Redding CA this weekend. Deadlock is Dead On!

“I was fortunate to watch Tim on the course and see his focus firsthand,” said Todd Snader, Bowtech Brand and Shooting Staff Manager. “He’s constantly evaluating what he did on the shot and readjusting when needed to ensure he’s staying on top. Then, he’s more than willing to teach others what he does, also to make them better. Tim is a true example of what the sport archery should be. Archers helping archers.”

Tim’s schedule takes him next to the IBO National Triple Crown 1st leg in Pipestem, WV. Then, he’s on to the USAT Gator Cup in Newberry, FL. We  look forward to sharing more from Tim in 2022

Pour améliorer votre jeu, vous trouverez la précision de DeadLock® sur les Reckoning 38 et Reckoning, ainsi que sur les 2022 SR350, CP28, Revolt X80 et Revolt XL. Les arcs de cible et de chasse les plus précis jamais construits.

DeadLock. Accordez-le, verrouillez-le, faites-lui confiance.

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