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What to look for when buying

When selecting the right bow you need to be thinking about how and where you will be using the bow. When you’re out hunting in the field, you need accuracy, speed, and to stay silent. Follow along to see how our bows do just that.

DeadLock Cam

C'est non seulement le moyen le plus rapide et le plus simple d'obtenir un vol de flèche parfait, mais aussi le moyen le plus sûr de le maintenir. Il suffit de déplacer les cames à gauche ou à droite sur les axes avec un tour de vis pour positionner toute l'énergie directement derrière la flèche. Puis verrouillez-la pour obtenir une précision permanente et répétable... le tout avec un tirage doux comme de la soie et une vitesse exceptionnelle.

Smooth Draw

Laser flat bows with 350 FPS coupled with pinpoint accuracy and ease of tuning that only DeadLock provides. Top it off with a silk-smooth draw for the best of both worlds.

La prise de performance de l'embrayage

The most comfortable modular grips on the market are engineered to reduce torque while increasing comfort. Our low-profile Clutch grip comes standard. The Clutch Control grip is available for purchase separately.

by hunters for hunters

We understand the importance of good gear for target archery and promise to not sell you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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man in tree aiming bow

Bone crushing speed

Bowtech hunting bows are the shortest route to a perfect arrow flight and the surest way to maintain it. Enhance your hunting experience with a Bowtech bow, we promise a fast and silent draw that will help you hit your game every time.

Unrivaled accuracy and precision

When you’re out hunting, you can trust the DeadLock technology to give you reliable accuracy and eliminate unwanted movement – shot after shot. Deadlock gives you permanently-perfect arrow flight and all the accuracy and confidence that comes with it due to the precise tuning for repeatable accuracy.

close up of deadlock
hunter aiming bow


We know the best vantage points don’t always have the most room to move to make your shot when you’re out in the field. Bowtech bows provide the ultimate freedom to adapt for any reason. Our compact bows perform just as well as our full sized bows but with sleek and flat measurements. Never miss your shot because of bulky equipment.

Le CP28 est un arc compact incroyablement souple rempli de performances. Il est beaucoup plus tolérant que les arcs compacts traditionnels.

Mike Hunsucker – Heartland Bowhunter Mike Hunsucker Headshot
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