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How to Create a Natural Foodplot

September 2, 2016

by: Jeremy Starks, Bowtech Ambassador

Following these steps can improve the wildlife habitat on your property. Regular removing along roads or right of ways creates constant new growth. This new growth is preferable and  beneficial to wildlife. Deer and other species will browse the tender shoots of Blackberry, greenbrier, pokeweed, and many native warm season grasses

Create clearings by mowing timber or brush. These will quickly produce outstanding wildlife habitat. Exposing the soil allows dormant native seeds to germinate. These native species will provide food and cover for a variety of wildlife. Mowing these clearings biannually will encourage new growth and continue the cycle.

  1. Blackberry: high protein source and deer love to browse the stalks and new growth
  2. Elm: year-round  browse that can be as important as oak
  3. sumac: food source for a variety of species
  4. poison ivy: food source for a variety of species
  5. warm season grasses: cover and food source
  6. native clovers: excellent food source