Easy, Slow Cooking Goodness!

This is a delicious elk roast that takes time but tastes great! This doesn't take a lot of special ingredients or prep time so it's an easy set up and walk away meal. The Italian herbs, salt and pepper really penetrate well over time for a full flavor experience. The long crock pot cooking breaks the meat down for a tender, easy to eat protein meal. Expect 15 minute sof prep, 6-8 hours of cooking.

A Dessert That Fits Your Workout!

Who loves cookies? Well these coconut goodies are tasty but also pack a punch. Adding in our favorite training supplements let's us feel good while snacking. Keep them in arms reach when headed for a workout and fuel your body when needed. Expect 20 mins of preparation and 30 minutes of cooking time.

Making Antelope Taste Delicious!

We have all heard “I don’t care for Antelope meat”. Make the nonbelievers believe with this asian style broccoli antelope tenderloin. Of course the careful preparation of this delicate meat starts in the field, but bring it to the table with this next level flavor. Fulfill your tastebuds while keeping it healthy! Perfect over rice. Expect a 10 minute prep time, and 10 minute cook time. Enjoy!

Appetizers Done Right!

Not so guilty party appetizer at your service! Seriously good eats, that you won’t feel guilty about bingeing on at that super bowl party. Bring veggies to dip, or lightened up crackers, and you won’t regret it. Its an easy 10 minute prep time, and 15 minute bake time then, Voila!

Protein Packed Goodness!

Who doesn’t love healthy scones? These protein packed mid-morning treats are delicious and healthy. Have one with your morning coffee and enjoy! Not your average scone with just 220 calories, and 15 grams of protein. Prep time on these bad boys is only 8 minutes, and cook time is 10-12, can I get a high five!

Healthy and Delicious!

WARNING: This cake will not last long around your house! Clean ingredients, paleo friendly, and super easy. This cake doubles as a morning snack and dessert so why not have it at both times? Well you can because its healthy and protein packed. Its a 15 minute prep time, and 45-55 minute bake time. Enjoy!

Just Like The Restaurant Does It... But WILD!

Love PF Chang's lettuce wraps? Make them at home with your own ground wild game. Ground antelope is amazing, but elk or venison would be just as good. Make sure you cook enough because you will keep coming back for more. Prep time is about 10 minutes, and cook time is about 8-10 minutes. Enjoy!!

Let's Fiesta, Wild Game Style!

This super quick and easy Mexican fiesta bowl is a big win on family nights. Be sure to make extra for lunch time left overs. It has also been popular with Sunday night meal preppers, so double the recipe if you have enough ingredients and eat what you reap for the week! Prep time is 10 minutes, and cook time is about 28 minutes. Enjoy!!!




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Rihana's Pumpkin Spiced Scones

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