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Healthy bowls to brag about

Can you say Yumm??? These colorful bowls are a quick, easy bet for any dinner. Calling all meal preppers, this is also an awesome go to you can throw together for any lunch. Keep the ingredients or change them up to your favorite veggies, these bowls can be tailored to your favorite flavors. One of the best ways to eat what you reap!

Lemon Bar Lovers Delight

Guiltless lemon bars at your service! These are no longer a guilty pleasure. Make the non lemon believers, believe, with the best healthy lemon bars around. Be careful you may eat the whole batch, this is not advised. Enjoy healthy and delicious lemon bars!

Breakfast of Champions

Need a healthy breakfast idea? These crepes are a perfect fuel to get your body moving in the morning. This gourmet meal is sure to impress family or friends. Add your favorite fruit to the mix, and sweeten it up with fresh whipped cream instead of yogurt. This is a SURE crowd pleaser!

Wild game breakfast sausage? YES PLEASE!

Want a better breakfast sausage then any restaurant you will ever find? Well here is is! Wild game prairie sage breakfast sausage combines bacon, and pork should to add extra goodness to the cleanest meat on earth. Look no further this is a sure bet for a ‘secret’ family recipe!

Roasted Venison Loin with Sure-Fire Game Rub

Find out how easy it is to toast your own spices, sear your loin and then cook it to perfection in the oven. This step by step recipe is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your hard earned game. Visit The Outdoors Chef on Facebook and catch their new series on the My Outdoor TV app.

3tbsp Whole Fennel Seed, 3tbsp Whole Coriander Seed, 5pc Whole Star Anise, 10pc Whole Allspice Berries, 1tbsp Whole Black Pepper, 1tbsp Fine Sea Salt, 3tbsp Ground Paprika, 1tsp Ground Cayenne Pepper – plus more for additional heat, 1tbsp Dark Brown Sugar

- If frozen, thaw venison loin overnight in the refrigerator or in cold, running water
- Remove silver skin by slicing just underneath, gently pull upwards and slice the length of the silver skin
- Pat dry with paper towel, coat evenly with game rub, let stand for 20 minutes at room temperature
- Position rack in the center of the oven, preheat to 350°F (177°C) or Gas Mark 4
- In a large heavy-bottom sauté pan over medium-high heat, add butter and canola oil
- Gently place loin into pan, sauté until golden brown, turning to evenly brown all sides
- Transfer to preheated oven, roast, uncovered until desired doneness
- Venison will continue to cook after removed from heat, check temperature with an instant-read probe thermometer
- The thermometer tip should be inserted into the center of the thickest part of the venison
- Remove from oven when internal temperature reads 5°F (3°C) lower than desired finished temperature
- Transfer the venison to a cutting board and rest, uncovered for 5-10 minutes before serving

Easy, Slow Cooking Goodness!

This is a delicious elk roast that takes time but tastes great! This doesn't take a lot of special ingredients or prep time so it's an easy set up and walk away meal. The Italian herbs, salt and pepper really penetrate well over time for a full flavor experience. The long crock pot cooking breaks the meat down for a tender, easy to eat protein meal. Expect 15 minute sof prep, 6-8 hours of cooking.

A Dessert That Fits Your Workout!

Who loves cookies? Well these coconut goodies are tasty but also pack a punch. Adding in our favorite training supplements let's us feel good while snacking. Keep them in arms reach when headed for a workout and fuel your body when needed. Expect 20 mins of preparation and 30 minutes of cooking time.

Making Antelope Taste Delicious!

We have all heard “I don’t care for Antelope meat”. Make the nonbelievers believe with this asian style broccoli antelope tenderloin. Of course the careful preparation of this delicate meat starts in the field, but bring it to the table with this next level flavor. Fulfill your tastebuds while keeping it healthy! Perfect over rice. Expect a 10 minute prep time, and 10 minute cook time. Enjoy!

Appetizers Done Right!

Not so guilty party appetizer at your service! Seriously good eats, that you won’t feel guilty about bingeing on at that super bowl party. Bring veggies to dip, or lightened up crackers, and you won’t regret it. Its an easy 10 minute prep time, and 15 minute bake time then, Voila!

Protein Packed Goodness!

Who doesn’t love healthy scones? These protein packed mid-morning treats are delicious and healthy. Have one with your morning coffee and enjoy! Not your average scone with just 220 calories, and 15 grams of protein. Prep time on these bad boys is only 8 minutes, and cook time is 10-12, can I get a high five!

Healthy and Delicious!

WARNING: This cake will not last long around your house! Clean ingredients, paleo friendly, and super easy. This cake doubles as a morning snack and dessert so why not have it at both times? Well you can because its healthy and protein packed. Its a 15 minute prep time, and 45-55 minute bake time. Enjoy!

Just Like The Restaurant Does It... But WILD!

Love PF Chang's lettuce wraps? Make them at home with your own ground wild game. Ground antelope is amazing, but elk or venison would be just as good. Make sure you cook enough because you will keep coming back for more. Prep time is about 10 minutes, and cook time is about 8-10 minutes. Enjoy!!

Let's Fiesta, Wild Game Style!

This super quick and easy Mexican fiesta bowl is a big win on family nights. Be sure to make extra for lunch time left overs. It has also been popular with Sunday night meal preppers, so double the recipe if you have enough ingredients and eat what you reap for the week! Prep time is 10 minutes, and cook time is about 28 minutes. Enjoy!!!

Whole Roasted Wild Rainbow Trout

Roasting fish whole grabs additional flavour from the bones and skin. It’s easy, fast and tastes amazing! You’ll learn to scale, stuff and roast trout with gorgeous vegetables all in a single roasting pan. Sure-Fire Recipe Techniques are proven and they’ll guarantee results in your kitchen!

1pc Rainbow Trout – cleaned, and scaled
10pc Asparagus – rinsed and trimmed
4pc Small Vine Tomatoes – rinsed, and sliced in half
1pc Green Zucchini – rinsed, trimmed and sliced
1pc Fennel – rinsed, trimmed and sliced
2pc Red Chili Peppers – rinsed and fine slice
2pc Green Chili Peppers – rinsed and fine slice
3pc Fresh Dill – rinsed
4pc Lemon – rinsed and sliced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Flaked Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

- Position rack in centre of the oven, preheat to 350°F (180°C) or Gas Mark 4
- Season the trout cavity with salt and pepper, stuff with lemon, fennel and dill
- Season a heavy bottom cast iron pan or sheet pan with oil, place trout in the centre of the pan
- Arrange asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and lemon around trout, drizzle with olive oil
- Season with salt and pepper, roast in oven for 20-25 minutes or until crispy and fragrant
- Allow the trout to rest uncovered for 2 minutes
- Gently pull the fillet from the bones (the trout skeleton with remain intact)
- Serve skin side up on a bed of vegetables with some of the juices from the pan, finish with pinch of salt

Fire Roasted and Spiced Wild Rock Dove

After an afternoon of successful Dove hunting there’s no time to wait for these little beauties to be fired!
Plucked and whole roasted with freshly toasted spices it’s amazing how a few simple ingredients can transform the simplest game.
Sure-Fire Recipe Techniques are proven and they’ll guarantee results in your kitchen!

2pc Rock Doves - plucked, dressed, and cleaned
1tbsp Whole Coriander Seed - toasted and ground
1tbsp Whole Fennel Seed - toasted and ground
1tbsp Ground Paprika
2oz (60ml) Bourbon Whiskey
2tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Flaked Sea Salt - to taste
Fresh Ground Black Pepper - to taste

1. Prepare a rock fire pit if possible, protected from the elements
2. Start with small, dry kindling, increasing the size of wood as the fire grows
3. Build a large fire and allow the wood to burn down leaving a base of hot, white
coals that can be stoked
4. Position a large, flat stone or piece of wood in the center of the fire to rest the cast
iron pan
5. Preheat the cast iron pan, when smoking hot add coriander and fennel,
toss occasionally
6. When spices are fragrant and golden brown use a stone to crush, add olive oil to spices
and coat the pan
7. Press the dove into the oil and spices coating evenly, season with salt and pepper
8. Cover the pan, return to the fire, roast for 5 minutes, remove from fire, turn dove
over, season with paprika
9. Cover the pan, return to the fire, roast until golden brown and desired doneness
10. Remove from the pan, allow the dove to rest, covered for 5 minutes before serving

Fireside Wild Fiddleheads and Potato Gnocchi

Foraging is like turning the forest into a supermarket and nothing is more rewarding than harvesting fiddleheads.
Making gnocchi at camp seems complicated but with just a few simple ingredients these satisfying little dumpling are just the ticket after a long day outdoors.
Sure-Fire Recipe Techniques are proven and they’ll guarantee results in your kitchen!

Fiddleheads – cleaned and trimmed
3½lbs (1.5kg) Russet Potatoes
1cup Bread Flour – plus more for dusting
100g (3½oz) Parmesan Cheese – thinly sliced or peeled
Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed
Flaked Sea Salt to taste
Ground Black Pepper to taste

1. Position a large, flat stone or piece of wood in the center of the fire to rest the
cast iron pan
2. In a medium pot of cold water, add unpeeled potatoes, set on fire-stone, bring to
rolling boil, move off direct heat
3. Test potatoes by piercing a knife into the largest spud, it should pass cleanly
through the flesh with little resistance
4. Remove potatoes, while warm, gently peel the skin, mash potatoes on a lightly
floured plate to even consistency
5. In a medium pot bring water to boil, season with salt
6. Create a well in center of potatoes, add flour, season with salt, use a fork to
combine flour and potatoes
7. When mixed, bring dough together, kneading gently until a ball is formed,
continue to knead until supple to touch
8. Quarter the dough, covering unused pieces with a damp towel
9. Roll dough into 1” (2cm) dowels and slice dowels into 1” (2cm) long pieces, gently press with fork
10. Drop into boiling water and cook until gnocchi floats to the surface, remove and set aside
11. In a cast iron pan, heat oil, add fiddleheads, toss to lightly coat with oil, season with salt and pepper
12. When lightly browned, add gnocchi, tossing to coat with oil, season with salt and pepper, sauté until golden brown
13. Finish with Parmesan cheese, return to fire for a quick bake, serve

Campfire Trail Mix Focaccia Recipe

Rih's Elk Pho

The next best thing to chicken noodle soup. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese bone broth soup, and adding wild game as the main source of protein makes it that much better. The broth is richly flavored with clove, anise, cinnamon, and cardamom. Add some spice to the mix and its a perfect melody of sweet and spicy. If you have never tried pho, this should be on your next dinner menu.

Rih's Wild Turkey Burgers

Serious good eats here. If you have struggled with cooking wild turkey, look no further, your solution is here. Grind the wild turkey with bacon and it makes the most mouth watering burgers you’ll ever have. Even better top it with homemade guacamole, and you’ll have everyone in your home trying to find a wild turkey to shoot. You will need a meat grinder for this recipe.

Rih's White Bean Turkey Chili

Rainy day? This white bean high protein wild turkey chili is a staple for those dreary days. It could also make game day healthy and satisfying, with 40, yes 40 grams of protein per serving. Get that post workout recovery with this high protein meal. Just a note, you may want to add a side of Beano!

Rih's PBJ bars

Rih's Almond Joys

BBQ Wild Venison Philly Cheesesteak

Bread Flour - sifted 6cups
Water - lukewarm 2cups
Wildflower Honey 1tbsp
Active Dry Yeast 1tbsp
Flaked Sea Salt 1tsp
Egg Wash – half and half egg/water, whisked 2pc

1. In a stand mixer fitted with chef’s whisk, combine water, yeast, and honey, whisk to combine, let stand for 10 minutes
2. Add the flour to the wet ingredients, attach the dough hook mix until fully combined, continue to knead for 5 minutes
3. If mixture is too dry, add water, if mixture is too wet, add flour
4. If prepared by hand, turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, knead for 5 minutes
5. Place dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with damp cloth
6 Allow dough to rise in a warm place (in oven with light on) for 60 minutes or until doubled in size
7. Turn out dough on a lightly floured surface, punch down dough, divide evenly and form into uniform 10” rolls 8. Arrange on a lightly oiled baking tray, cover and let rise for 60 minutes or until doubled in size
9. Using a pastry brush, lightly wash the dough with 50/50 egg/water mixture, season with salt
10. Position rack in center of oven, place pizza stone on rack, preheat to 550°F (288°C), gas mark 12
11. Bake 18-20 minutes or until golden brown, remove from oven

Whitetail or Mule Deer Roast – trimmed and thinly sliced while frozen 1lb
Yellow Onion – trimmed, peeled, and finely sliced 2pc
Green Bell Pepper – cored, seeded, and thinly sliced 2pc
Red Bell Pepper – cored, seeded, and thinly sliced 2pc
Baby Portobello Mushrooms – brushed clean, trimmed and thinly sliced 12pc
Garlic Cloves – trimmed, peeled, and finely grated 4pc
Provolone Cheese – thinly sliced 1 lb
Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed
Amoroso-Style Rolls 4pc
Flaked Sea salt to taste
Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste
Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil for wrapping

1. Heat a cast iron griddle or large sauté pan over medium-high heat, add olive oil to coat bottom of pan 2. Add mushrooms, toss to coat with oil, season with salt and pepper, sauté until golden brown, remove 3. Add more olive oil to coat bottom of pan, add onions, bell peppers, garlic, season with salt and pepper 4. Sauté until golden brown, remove, add more olive oil to coat bottom of pan
5. Season venison with salt and pepper, add to hot pan, sauté until charred and desired doneness, turning once 6. Add the mushrooms, and onion/pepper mixture to venison, mix to combine, divide into 4 portions
7. Top each portion with provolone, slice the rolls in half, place on the grill to lightly toast
8. Using a steel spatula pick up portions and slide onto toasted roll, serve


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