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Making Every Shot Count

November 8, 2016

by: Alexis Maucieri, Bowtech Pro Staff

My season didn’t start out how I had planned. I fell in gym class and broke my wrist and when I was finally able to shoot again on our way out hunting that morning my dad and I got into an accident and I suffered severe whiplash, which brings us to October 30th. My dad woke me up at 5:30 a.m. so we could be in the tree stand before sunrise.  I was going to jump on the first opportunity that presented itself because of my shortened season. Lucky for me a nice young mule deer buck stepped out and I was able to take him. We got him skinned and hung up in the garage and we headed back out to another blind. We were just setting up when we heard horns hitting the trees. My dad and I snuck up to an opening in the bush and saw a cow moose and a bull moose. My heart was pounding, but I had to keep it together and make the shot count. I drew back and let the arrow fly and dad told me the shot was good. We gave it 35 minutes then took up the trail of blood. We found my first ever moose 80 yards away. I could not believe I just shot my first moose!  My Eva Shockey Signature Series performed flawlessly on the 27 yard shot.