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NW Ladies Hunting Camp Creates unique experience

June 16, 2016

By: Aimee Burnett-Hartwig ~

The 3rd Annual NW Ladies Hunting Camp brought women together from all over the western United States in mid-June. Each year the event is an opportunity for women to learn the basics of hunting, shooting and other outdoor activities over the span of a weekend. The event is organized by Candy Yow and is pulling in big name sponsorships and industry professionals from Bowtech, Weatherby, Leupold, MTN OPS, On X Maps, Cabela’s, National Wild Turkey Federation, Coast, Executive Ordinance, Bravo, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. As a testament to the growing number of women entering the outdoor world, the instructors are mostly women. The Bowtech Women, Krissy Hay KnoxRihana Cary, Carlie Evans and myself, taught archery basics giving the ladies a good overall understanding of stance, eye dominance, aiming and safety. Bowtech brought a variety of bows for the ladies to try out and raffled off an autographed Eva Shockey Signature Series bow. The majority of the women were first time archers, many of whom grew up rifle hunting, but had been interested in trying archery for some time. The ladies could also attend classes on elk hunting, field dressing, shooting, orienteering and self-defense to name a few.

As the number of women entering the outdoor industry continues to grow, events such as this offer women a safe and welcoming place to learn. It also provides them with the tools and knowledge they need should they choose to venture out into the great outdoors on a solo hunt. The camp is a place for women to find mentors, hone new skills and meet other women who share their same passion. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned hunter you will walk away with a new network of women eager to help you succeed, and memories sure to last a lifetime. Be sure to follow our Bowtech Women on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for information designed specifically for female archers.