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Powershift: Shift Into the Season With Confidence

August 25, 2016

by: Tom D. Spisz, Bowtech Pro Staff

Bowtech offers a very unique tunable technology known as, PowerShift Technology, on eleven of their bows, these bows include either the PowerDisc3 or the FlipDisk2. This Technology is unmatched by any compound bow on the market today.  The PowerDisk3 offers three bows in one; Comfort, Classic, or Performance settings and the FlipDisk2 offers two bows in one; Comfort or Performance settings.  The following will be related to the PowerDisk3 Tech.

PowerShift3 technology allows you to maximize your speed and impact for farther distances or allows you to shoot max poundage at a more comfortable draw cycle, for instance in extreme conditions like a late season hunt, bad shoulder, or shooting numerous arrows at a tournament.  It also has more adjustability with only requiring one allen key without the need for a bow press, to make the perfect setting adjustment.  PowerShift, PowerDisk3 Technology gives you three bows in one.

As the season is set to begin in the nearing weeks, now is the perfect time to fine tune your bow and really understand what your bow is capable of doing. It’s typical for someone who shoots a Bowtech with PowerShift Tech, to have been shooting in the same setting since last Winter or since they made the purchase, but curiosity has lingered as to what their bow will do in a different setting.  Depending on your bow, draw length, draw weight, and arrow weight; shifting from the comfort setting (3rd position), to the performance setting (1st position), can gain 12-16fps, while shifting from the 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd position can gain or lose 6-8 fps.

I recommend taking the time and shift your bow to its full potential based on your needs.  The best part is, with Bowtech having the most tunable bows on the market, leaving your current setting will not affect your sights or tune when you return to it.  I shifted my Bowtech BTX from the 1st to second to see how shot placement would change.  From 20 yards and 30 yards there was minor difference.  From 40 to 50, there was a 5yard difference from how my sight tape was set while the BTX was in the Performance setting.  If you have an adjustable sight with a sight tape, instead of switching the tape if you choose to stay in your new setting or leave it, simply make a mark on the tape of where your shots are now placing at your choice of yards.  Now you are able to easily shift between settings, if you choose to, during the season without having to take time from the woods to dial your sight in.  Be prepared for the unknown!

As mentioned this is all able to be done without a bow press and is very simple:

Step 1: Remove Screw A completely

Step 2: Loosen Screws B and C a half turn

Step 3: Adjust the PowerDisk3 to your desired setting

Step 4: Tighten Screws B and C and re-insert A and tighten as well

Step 5: Repeat on the opposite side and adjust to the same setting

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