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Q & A with Bowtech Pro Shooter Erin McGladdery

April 24, 2017

Bowtech Pro Shooter Erin McGladdery made history at this year’s Canadian Indoor 3D Nationals becoming the first woman to win the shoot, and finish with a higher score than all the men competing.Erin won the competition with the BT-Mag. We touched base with Erin to find out more about her life, love of archery and favorite moments.

Bowtech: How did you get started in the sport of archery?

Erin: I have always been a hunter, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to take my hunting bow to a local 3D archery tournament.  Being heavily involved in competitive sport my whole life, it was no surprise that I quickly fell in love with the sport of target archery. 

BT: Best memories, wins?

Erin: Memorable moments would include winning my first national championship, shooting the first 300 on a Vegas face, and working with local youth archers in my home province of Saskatchewan. 

BT: The best advice you ever got?

Erin: After shooting local tournaments for a couple months with my hunting bow, an individual who is now one of my dearest friends, said to me “You need to pursue this and think about taking the next step towards an archery career.  Don’t wait too long and miss an amazing opportunity to do something you love.  Do whatever it takes to allow yourself to be able to shoot!”  I’m thankful for so many people who have encouraged me to move forward with archery in the past two years.

BT: What are your goals for 2017? 

Erin: I have jumped straight into the Pro class and intend to shoot the full ASA schedule, as much IBO as possible, and several other tournaments.  My goals for the entire season are to be sure I’m learning all the time, training to be better everyday and trust that the outcome I desire will follow the process eventually. 

BT: Where do you think the sport of target archery is going

Erin: I believe that target archery will continue to grow over the next decade and the industry as a whole will see an influx of youth.  I hope that more awareness about target archery will develop in the future as the media becomes more involved.   

BT: Why should someone take up target archery? What is your biggest piece of advice?

Erin: Target archery is one of the few sports that is family-friendly, relatively low impact on the body and can be participated in by all ages and skill level!  My advice would be to stop in at your local Pro Shop and give it a try!  If you are already a bow hunter, then shooting target archery will develop your skills immensely and give you confidence to make a great shot when you have the opportunity. 

BT: As a Pro Shooter, what do you feel your responsibility is or what part do you play to help grow the sport.

Erin: I feel that if I have the knowledge to positively impact another individual’s archery experience, it is my responsibility to share it with them!  I believe that creating opportunities for new shooters to have a positive archery experience and learn new skills is how we can grow the sport.   

BT: What does it feel like to make history at the recent Canadian Indoor 3D Nationals?

Erin: It always feels good to have success when you have been working hard on the process.  I was happy with my performance and it was great reassurance to know that I am making progress.