Redefining performance in a bow that 100% tunes to you.

The Reign 6 is more than just a high performing bow projecting arrows at 350 feet per second. We have refined and harmonized our SmartBow technologies to work flawlessly together providing the ultimate in performance, accuracy, and tunability. The heart of the Reign 6 is our redesigned OverDrive Binary Cams that provides the only bow that tunes 100% to you. A bow with this type of speed commonly doesn't feel this good, but our SmartBow provides outstanding performance and the smooth feel you desire. You must feel it to believe it.

Redefining the way a bow should feel.   

The Reign 7 is specifically engineered for those seeking the smoothest drawing, most forgiving and balanced bow on the market. The Reign 7 is equipped with PowerShift technology providing distinct draw cycle options, allowing for a smooth or ultra-smooth drawing experience, the choice is yours. The Reign 7 would not be a SmartBow without the ability to harness complete control with OverDrive Binary Cams, providing a bow that tunes 100% to you. This 7" brace height SmartBow not only is effortless to draw with enhanced stability, it happens to pack a punch at 340 feet per second. You must feel it to believe it. 

PJ From Lancaster Gives A Great Review of the Reign

Lancaster Archery knows bows, no question there. PJ walks you through our industry leading technologies like OverDrive Binary, the MicroSync Dial and how to set the bow up for maximum speed using our FlipDisc. PJ agrees, this bow is 'screaming fast, very smooth to draw and has no hand shock'. Watch the full video above.

What Will You Feel?

The new Reign is the smoothest shooting SmartBow to date and we're confident you'll FEEL the difference when you shoot it! Get to a dealer and simply draw the bow to see what you feel!

An orchestration of feel and performance

Our newest SmartBows are not only Smart, but they can feel. Featuring a refined draw cycle, enhanced stability and equipped with OverDrive Binary cams, providing the only bow that tunes 100% to you. These SmartBows are perfected to provide the ultimate in performance, accuracy, and tunability. You must feel it to believe it.

More Finishes Than Ever Before

We listened to YOU - our Bowtech shooters, and we are proud to offer more finish options than ever before!

OverDrive Binary Means Precision Tuning, Farther Distances

Jim Burnworth of Western Extreme has been a huge part of our R&D process. The first to get the Reign, Jim went to Africa and does what he does best; put large animals on the ground, even if it means taking that long distance shot. Jim's ability to tune and shoot a bow at long distance has been recognized by even world class target shooters and his reaction to the Reign 7 is, in his words, 'the ultimate shooting machine.'

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That It's The Smoothest Bow They've Ever Shot!

We've asked dealers and customers to send in their 'Reign Reactions'; their first impressions test shooting the new Reign 6 or 7. We got hundreds of videos and here's one version of our TV spot with their own footage! Get to a dealer now, film your reaction, post it on social with #FeelTheReign. We just might ask to use it.

Everything You Need to Know

Click the image above to download the Reign manual so you can properly adjust your draw length, draw weight, FlipDisc, and more. You can also find information on how to contact customer service if needed.

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