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Solo Elk Hunt Success

September 14, 2016

We recently received an email from one of our most experienced shooting staff members following the harvest of his 2016 bull elk. The 72-year-old went on a solo elk hunt and had tremendous success proving age is just a number. Here is his story…

“My 2016 Oregon Elk Season is in the books.  This 5 point came into the stand that I call “Midway” at about 10 a.m. responding to some estrus cow calls.  The shot was about 42 yards, a little longer than what I like to shoot at an elk, but the Bowtech Legend proved its reliability as the arrow found its mark.  The blood trail was obvious, but I was careful with the tracking job and marked it with a ribbon. When I saw where he ran into an old dead log, and found half of the arrow, I knew I did not have far to go.  He went a total of about 150 yards.  My camp was only about a mile away, but it was uphill.  As a 72-year-old and hunting solo, I had to take my time, dig deep, and finally got the last load back to camp at about 2 a.m.  It took me 6 loads to complete the task.  Check out those thirds!!  Typically bull elk in Oregon have short thirds, but the thirds on this guy are about 11 inches long. Thanks, Bowtech, for allowing me to be on your shooting staff and thanks for making such great products that are tough, reliable and accurate.”

-Tom Powell, Bowtech Shooting Staff