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Spot and Stalk Javelina in Arizona

October 16, 2017

by: Jon Yokely, Bowtech Pro Staff

Octobers in Arizona are always slow for a bowhunter!

My friend Tiger and I decided to go and purchase an over the counter javelina tag on the Hualapai Indian Res. This is a tough hunt but with some really hard work and little luck it can produce. The first day ended up being very productive for me as you can see in the pics. We ended up finding a total of 9 Javi’s, one single then a group of 8. I was able to get a shot at the single after we called him out of the brush in to bow range, but he lunged forward just as I released, leaving unharmed.

A few hours passed and we ended up finding a herd leaving a dirt tank. Tiger was up now, so the stalk began. after getting the wind in our favor we found ourselves on top of the herd, we slowly crawled thru the barbed wire fence putting us 30 yards away. Tiger drew and buried his top pin right behind the shoulder, but shot just over his back.  “When you find yourself in the middle of a herd excitement can the best of any bowhunter”. Well, after the shot the entire herd blew out. I immediately started blowing on my Javelins in distress call, they turned quickly and started coming in a dead run at us. I drew waiting for one to finally hold still long enough to get a shot. My shot was true and the big Boar made it 25 yards before expiring.

This is by far my largest javelina to date!