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Spot and Stalk Speed Goat in the Arizona Desert

September 2, 2016

by: Jon Yokely, Bowtech Pro Staff

On the ground, eye to eye is my preferred style of hunting as I’ve only taken only a few of my many critters over water. Last count on my big game animals tops out at 114. Six weeks prior to the open of the Arizona pronghorn season were consumed with strategic planning, setting cameras and following our amazing monsoon storms. I had countless critters on film and had located at least 10 great pronghorns of interest to me. Water was everywhere and the grass was tall, so it looked like most of my hunting would be done on the ground, spot and stalk, with the use of decoys where possible.

The first few days of the hunt we saw numerous bucks each day and made countless attempts at spot and stalk using the decoy. We’d had a lot of luck with the decoy the year before, but this year it just wasn’t working. My thoughts are that we caught the tail-end of the rut and the bucks with does wanted to keep them, so they would pull the does and go deep.

Then, on day three friend and hunting buddy Tiger connected on a great buck. It scored 68 3/8. I was not so lucky. I continued my attempts, but was continually busted by either the wind or the large number of does the buck had with him. That all changed on day seven. On my second attempt at a stalk on a buck that had busted me earlier in the day, I was able to get in front of the herd and amazingly get our ever changing winds right. All eleven does and the buck came into my bow range at 49 yards and I let my arrow fly. He just happened to be one of the bucks we had pictures of before the start of season. He scored 72 4/8.