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Spring Turkey Scouting Guide

March 31, 2017

by: Jeremy StarksMafia Outdoors T.V.

Spring signals the start of turkey seasons nationwide. With that hunters hit the woods to look for signs of gobblers, but spring is also the perfect time to begin scouting for whitetail. Wildlife biologist and Bowtech Ambassador Jeremy Starks has some tips to guide your scouting adventure.

  1. Look for high concentrations of greenbrier. Greenbrier is a great food source early spring and early fall. You want to focus on finding greenbrier that’s been freshly browsed. Those plants will typically have the tops eaten off.
  2. Look for sheds. Sheds will give you an idea of what bucks made it through hunting season, so you’ll know which bucks to target next fall.
  3. Look for feeding areas other than the greenbrier. Turkey scratching will generally be over a broad area, where deer pawing will be small and concentrated. Deer will paw at the areas looking for acorns and other food sources.
  4. Pay attention to new deer trails. Deer as they transition through the seasons will change their travel routes. Typically, the same trails they use in early spring are the same trails they’ll use in early fall.