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Amber Shank

My name is  Amber Shank and  I was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. I was not raised in a family of hunters and was often reminded that hunting was for men only. So I left it at that and just watched from a distance.

 However, I did spent most of my childhood in the outdoors fishing with my grandfather . Some of my most cherished memories were spent with him at our local sportsmens club watching and learning his techniques.  

I was introduced to hunting by close friends when I was 18 years old . I instantly became eager to learn the habits of animals and the skills it took to hunt them.  Since then, my love and passion for hunting is shared with my husband and kids. We enjoy spending time together hunting as a family for Whitetail Deer , Turkeys and Black Bear. 

My passion for hunting continues to grow with each new season. I have recently extended the fall hunting seasons and opportunities to summer months by learning the amazing sport of bowfishing. My goal is to pass the love and passion that I have for the hunting heritage and the great outdoors along to as many people as I can. Especially to girls or women that have been neglected or held back as I once was.

The deeper I get into the outdoor industry, the longer my “hunting bucket list” grows. Stay tuned and follow me as my journey in the outdoor industry unveils!

Hunting isn’t just something I do, it’s part of who I am… 

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