Team Bowtech

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Austin Hall

Location: Tampa, Fl.

Bow: Fanatic 2.0

Sight: Sureloc with a Shrewd Nomad Scope

Rest: AAE Pro Blade

Stabilizer: Dead Center

Release: Truball HT4 and HBX

Arrows: Black Eagle

Other Bows: Assassin SD and a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Additional sponsors: Truball, Dead Center, Bohning and South Shore Archery Supply

This is my 1st year on the Bowtech Pro Staff. I have been shooting archery for over 8 yrs, competitive for over 4 yrs. I currently shoot in ASA, NFAA, FAA, JOADD, S3DA and USA Archery at a national level and in the state of Florida. I am a active volunteer at our local archery shop Adventures Archery in Tampa, Fl. I enjoy helping to introduce new kids into the sport of archery and working with them.