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Claudia Wilcox

Hello! My name is Claudia Wilcox and I am from Peoria, Arizona. I am 15 years old, and apart of the Team Bowtech Competition ProStaff. I have been doing archery for about three years now, and hunting for many years before that.

When I began archery, I was quickly dedicated to Bowtech. I started out with my Diamond Infinite Edge, which I got my JOAD Bronze Olympian pin with. From there, I went to the Carbon Rose, the Fanatic, and now to the Fanatic 2.0. With my Fanatic, I acheived my JOAD Silver Olympian pin. With all the bows I have used, I placed in many tournaments. At the tournaments, it’s fun to hang out and compete with my friends.

Hunting is one of my passions as well. There’s nothing like going out into the forest and listening to the elk bugling while you wait for them, or hiking in the canyons and mountains, not knowing what you’ll find.

This is my first year shooting for Bowtech. I’m very approachable, so if you see me, don’t hesitate to come by and introduce yourself! I love meeting new people and exchanging stories. This is going to be a great year shooting for Bowtech!