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Courtney LeVesque

My love for the great outdoors all started for me a long time ago. I was just a toddler running around getting into as much trouble as possible at deer camp with my dad. I would watch him start packing up to go hunting and all I wanted to know is if I was going with him. I still vividly remember my first big deer camp, I was 11 years old and the only female in camp. Of course, the joke was that I was ‘camp cook’. Well, that all changed opening morning when my deer was the first one on the meat pole!

Now, as a mom of two awesome little gentlemen, I get to pass on the family traditions and share my love for hunting with my sons. Spending time with them in the field, and watching my oldest son harvest his first Merriam Turkey this year was a dream come true. 

I defy the odds as a solo female hunter, and I am an ambassador for showing other women this is not just a man’s world. My passion is to inspire others to follow their dreams, and to help them realize limitations can be overcome when your mind is locked on a target. To me, life is about experience, creating memories, smashing goals, and never letting failure be a final destination. 

Getting to spend time enjoying the outdoors, learning and making memories with my dad was a priceless start to my journey, and one I’ll never forget. I believe it is the time and effort put in that determines the quality of the memories you will make… so take action, adventure awaits!

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