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Hunting and fitness go hand in hand and that starts with you bringing your absolute best to the field! 

HealthyHunters is a fresh brand developed for hunters by hunters. With a special focus on how fitness can add to a more satisfying hunt, HealthyHunters also brings awareness to the benefits of hunting for one’s mental and physical health; even for those who have never previously hunted. The HealthyHunters’ HuntFit video series, blog and social media aims to help others build a more rewarding lifestyle the revolves around the sport we all love. 

HealthyHunters choose to hunt, to know where their food comes from and they strive to find their true potential as our world’s top predator.

Staff Members


Adam Valastro

Hunting has been something that has consumed my life ever since my dad brought me into the field as a child. With my bow in hand, I killed my first deer as soon as I was legally old enough to hunt and have been out there every season since.

Hunting has evolved past whitetails and past the small farm that I once hunted. I now chase multiple big game species across different states, and different countries.

Along the way, I found a second passion for health and fitness, but really I think it was more of a passion to find myself and to find my limits. That passion extends to also having a desire to help others realize what hunting can mean to them and what finding your potential as an individual can mean to you.

It wasn’t until recently that I put the pieces together and realized that when you combine hunting and fitness, you will find a lifestyle where one passion supports the other. That is why I helped build the brand, HealthyHunters.


Heather Ballek

I’ve created the mindset over the years to never be happy with complacency. With that said, I’ve always wanted to learn, improve and grow on the matters that make life more satisfying. Constantly improving myself, and helping to motivate others to do the same, has become an incurable obsession.  I absolutely love watching anyone grow past what they once thought was possible – whether it be through strength training, mental barriers or otherwise!

Hunting is truly cleansing for the soul and mind. Therefore, I always take the opportunity to encourage anyone to merge the two lifestyles into one since they complement one another perfectly. What better way to take care of your body than to know exactly what you are putting into it. Likewise, what better way to improve your hunting skills than to be a better, more in-tuned you.

All of this is the reason that we work hard everyday to create and push what HealthyHunters stands for. Combine your health, fitness and hunting; It makes for a fruitful lifestyle.