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Jeremy Myers

Jeremy Myers has been hunting for as far back as he can remember. He got his first turkey call around the age of 8 from Penn’s Woods and after that there has been a fire burning in him for the sport. He put together Team KnockOut in 2010 when he began submitting hunting footage to an online hunting show. After that Jeremy began to see a whole different side of the hunting industry ” Filming/Photography. He has been very successful within the hunting industry working with some of the top industry companies. Jeremy enjoys every minute in the field, regardless of whether he harvests an animal or not. In his opinion there is nothing that compares to a giant spring gobbler screaming his lungs out and responding to calls or even a mature buck rubbing his horns and making a scrape only a few yards from your tree stand. To Jeremy this is what hunting is all about. Jeremy has harvested many turkey and deer over the years and each one he is equally as proud of. Jeremy has been a long time supporter of BowTech and says it is truly an honor to have been selected to become a BowTech Ambassador!

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