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Kaden Christensen

Age: 18       Height:  5’10       Weight: 150 lbs

Years Shooting: 7 years

Draw Length: 29 3/4   


Current Equipment

Indoor Setup   

Bow: Fanatic 3.0

Arrows:  Easton X7’s

Fletching: AAE

Release: Scott Halo

Scope:  Axcel

Sight:  Axcel

Stabilizer:  B-Stingers

Rest:  Spott Hogg

Bow Strings: First Stings

Quiver: Angel Quiver

Optics: 4x


Outdoor Field and Fita Setup   

Bow: Fanatic 3.0

Arrows: Easton X10 Protours

Release: Scott Halo

Scope: Shrewd

Sight:  Axcel

Stabilizer: B-Stinger

Rest: Spott Hogg

Bow Strings: First Strings

Quiver: Angel Quiver

Optics: 4x


3-d Setup

Bow: Fanatic 3.0

Arrows:  Easton X10 Protours

Fletching:  AAE

Release: Scott Halo

Scope: Excel

Sight: Excel

Rest: Spott hogg

Bow Strings:  First Strings

Quiver:  Angel Quivers

Optics: 4x


Hunting Setup

Bow: Prodigy

Release: Scott

Arrows: Easton axis

Broadhead: Rage

Vanes: AAE

Sight: CBE

Stabilizer:  B-Stinger

Bow Strings:  First Strings

Optics: Fiber Pin

Hobbies: All I do is shoot a bow. Sometimes I like to pick up a guitar. I also love being outdoors no matter what activity.


Tips for hunters:  Always have a quick and versatile setup. Learn the animal you’re hunting. That will increase your success.

Tips for tournament archersSetup is key. You have to have an amazing bow that is capable under high stress and a bow that could go anywhere. You want durable equipment that can stand heat and a lot of arrows. You should also always finish your shot.