Team Bowtech

Kenny Hollingsworth

Kenny Hollingsworth

Age: 49         Height:  5’10”    Weight: 186

Years Shooting: 35

Occupation: Insurance Agency

Draw Length: 28.5”  



Hunting Setup

Bow: Realm X, in Kryptek Altitude
Quiver: Tightspot
Sight: Option 6
Stabilizer: Dead Center
Rest: Hamskea Pro Hunter
Optics: Vortex

Hobbies: Bowhunting Elk, Deer, Turkey. Train To Hunt Competitor, Endurance Events

Release Style: Trigger

Kenny has been a member of the Bowtech team for several years. He has over 35 years experience as a hunter and archery competitor. He has taken many pope and young quality animals across the US and Canada. He believes archery is a full time sport, taking advantage of every opportunity to introduce new people, young and old, to the thrill of shooting a bow. Hunting the west is his passion, with elk at the top of the list. His career, in the insurance field, allows him to spend several weeks , each fall, hunting the western states for deer and elk. Look for him at archery competitions in the summer or chasing big game in the fall. He is always eager to share hunting stories or shooting tips.