Team Bowtech

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Leah Seaton

Age: 13       Height:4’11”    Weight: 100 lbs  Years Shooting: 9
Occupation: Student

Indoor Setup

Bow: Bowtech Fanatic 2.0
Arrows: CXL 150
Fletching: Muddy Girl Blazers
Release: 4 Finger Starduster

Scope: Sure Loc

Sight: Open Sure Loc

Stabilizer: 30″ Carbon Fiberoptics


Bow Strings: Factory

Quiver: Easton
Optics: Swarovski Black Eagle

 3-d Setup

Bow: Bowtech Fanatic 2.0
Arrows: CXL Pro 150
Fletching: Muddy Girl Blazers
Release: Tru Ball

Scope: Axcel Au-41

Sight; Axcel CX6


Hunting Setup

Bow: Eva Shockey Signature Series
Arrows: CXL Pro 150

Broadhead: Muzzy MX3

Vanes: Pink blazers

Sight: Tru Glo

Stabilizer: 8″ Carbon Fiber

Bow strings: factory

About Me

Hobbies: Cheer, Gymnastics, Hunting, Archery
Release Style: Back Tension
Tips for hunters: Be patient, be quiet.

Tips for tournament archers: Practice, practice, practice! Then relax and do what you came to do. Don’t hold your breath. Just breathe and release.