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We are hunters. It’s not a hobby it’s a lifestyle. Every day of every season we are training, watching, farming, preparing for the hunt. We challenge ourselves physically so that when the challenge of the hunt arrives we are ready. From the way we eat, the way we exercise, the places we travel, to our favorite past times… every moment of our lives are dedicated to our passion. The adventure of the hunt calls to us as does the need to conserve the outdoor tradition for generations to come. We hunt to eat. The healthiest most organic form of meat on the planet. We hunt to experience nature at its rawest, most intimate level. There is nothing more primal than pursuing animals to feed our families. We hunt for conservation to ensure the continued success of these magnificent creatures. Hunting for us is a tradition that spans endless generations. We are Mafia Outdoors T.V.

Hunt Staff


Jeremy Starks

Bowtech Ambassador

Bow of choice: Reign 6


Misty Loggins

Bowtech Ambassador

Bow of choice: Eva Shockey Signature Series



Aimee Burnett-Hartwig

Experience: 5 years as a bowhunter, 8 years as a hunter

Aimee spent 5 years in television news as an anchor, producer and reporter where she wrote, shot and edited all of her own stories. She has a passion for the outdoors and a love of filming and writing. Her love of the outdoors started at a young age while growing up hunting and fishing with her family. She has a BS in Electronic Media from the University of Oregon and now specializes in social media.

Bow of choice: Eva Shockey Signature Series

Ty Hartwig

Experience: 20+ years as a bowhunter

Ty is a combat engineer in the Oregon National Guard. If it has a season he is typically hunting it. He enjoys hunting deer, elk and bear the most and spending time outdoors.

Bow of choice: Reign 6