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Olin Price

Age:  48        Height:  5’7”     Weight: 170

Years Shooting: 35+

Occupation: Plant Manager

Draw Length:   27

 Current Equipment

Indoor Setup   

Bow: Fanatic 3.0

Arrows:  Black Eagle Magnums 200 gn point

Fletching:  5 inch feathers

Release:  stan sx2

Scope:  cbe 4x

Sight:  cbe tek

Stabilizer:  bee stinger

Rest:  QAD

Bow Strings:  Don Randolph


3-d Setup

Bow:  Fanatic 3.0

Arrows:  Gold tip 30x

Fletching:  Bohning 2.25 shield cut 4 fletch

Release:  stan sx2

Scope:  cbe 4x

Sight:  cbe 3d lite

Rest: qad

Bow Strings:  Don Randoulph


Hunting Setup

Bow:  BTX 28

Release: stan sx2

Arrows:  Black eagle spartins

Broadhead:  ramcat

Vanes:  blazer

Sight: throphy ridge clutch

Stabilizer:  Olin Price

Bow Strings:  Factory

Hobbies: hunting fishing and archery

Release Style: thumb


Tips for hunters:  hunt food be where the food is

Tips for tournament archers:  never give up practice perfect practice