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Samantha Gangler

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I love hunting. I love the challenges, teamwork and camaraderie that each outdoor adventure presents me with. The love I have for the outdoors is something my father instilled in me a young age. He fondly referred to me as his “only son” and has always made me feel welcome, included and equal in all of our adventures. A bow was something I picked up at the age of 17 all because I didn’t draw a rifle tag that year, but after one close encounter with a screaming bull elk, I never looked back…I was hooked!

Flashing forward quite a few hunting seasons, I was blessed to meet a man that shared the same passions and interests of archery and the outdoors as myself. We were both born and raised in Eastern Oregon, where the mountains are the best entertainment around.
Archery is an important part of our lives and we are currently helping run our local archery club, The NE Bowhunters in Hermiston, Oregon where we live. We hunt and shoot every chance we get and are raising our children to love, respect and appreciate all of the adventures waiting for them outside.