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Steve Lamb

Steve lamb from Casper Wyo. first year as field staff. I’m very lucky to live in the Mountain West to archery hunt great trophy game & provide for my family .Currently  President of LostArrowArchers archery club  (2 terms ,1 term Vice president &15 yrs volunteer )LAA hosts Wyoming’s largest events including Train to Hunt Challenge.I have shot Bowtech bows since 2002,beginning with a Patriot Dually, as to date I hold the archery Wyo state record  (p&y) Rocky Mountain Elk, 11 the largest  recorded in Wyoming’s Boone &Crockett list.

Pronghorn Antelope is one of my most favorite Wyoming game animal’s to persue  in the High Plains. 

Please visit my Bowtech staff fb page @ BowtechhuntingStaff-Steve lamb “HighPlainsPirate” hold steady & follow through.