Team Bowtech

Ty Cary

Ty Cary is a professional videographer and video production editor, Owner of Standing Buck Productions, LLC out of Eugene, OR. He spends nearly 300 days a year in the outdoors, either filming for various TV shows such as for Jim Shockey’s Uncharted or Hunting Adventures, Nick’s Wild Ride, Day One Outdoors and a handful of others, along with sporting events, or out hunting and fishing. Ty and his wife, Rihana, have their own hunting YouTube Channel called Wild Heritage. and you can also find him on Instagram. If he isn’t in the outdoors, you will find him in the gym or in the office editing video. Ty is a mountain extreme athlete spending most of his time in higher rugged elevation when possible. Whether he is shooting his bow or his camera, he’s happy Just to be doing what he loves!

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