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Whitetail Reign was Founded with one goal in mind…Be Different than the typical “Huntin” show. The staff assembled all have several years of experience laying down quality footage in the outdoor filming industry. We will be filming in 1080 HD with a wide variety of High End Cameras, DSLR Cameras and action cams ex. Go Pro Blacks and so on, we will incorporate Quad Copters as well and use a variety of filming equipment from Air Jibs to Slides to accomplish our goal of laying down the type of footage that will keep “YOU” on the couch and glued to the screen, that’s the goal, the dream and the Mission, So enjoy the Ride here in 2014 and remember to always “Rule Your Woods!”

Hunt Staff

Bill Reynolds

Name: Bill Reynolds
State:  West Virginia
City: L-Ton
Archery experience: 21 years
Why I Refuse to Follow: Since Bowtech burst into my life back in 1999 I have followed the brand and it’s continue success and dedication to innovation. I have had the privilege to take several Big Game animals with a Bowtech in hand. Hands down from the time you draw back and anchor in, until the moment of release and the arrows launch its clear that this season, all seasons past and all the season that lie ahead I will take a stand and make a choice, I Refuse To Follow!

Bow of Choice: Rpm 360
Right Handed
29.5″ draw 70# DW


Name: Rodney Greathouse

State: West Virginia

City: Frametown

Archery experience: 40+ Years

Why I Refuse To Follow: Being a Dealer/Tech/Hunter/Ect. I have had the opportunity to try many different types of bows over the years. I always come back to Bowtech. This time I’m here to stay. I am by no means a speed freak. But I do live by Kinetic Energy. And hands down, the Bowtech is unmatched. The Tunability of these bows is Unrivaled in the industry.

Bow of choice: RPM 360  RH 70#  28.5 Draw

Brian Craig

Name: Brian Craig
State: West Virginia
City: Fairview
Archery experience: 26 years
Why I Refuse to Follow: Growing up hunting the Hills and West Virginia I have had many great experiences at Full Draw. From the first deer I was able take to the most recent I always look forward to each hunt and experience with the same excitement I did as a 9 year old kid hunting with my family learning the same skills I pass down to my Sons Hunner, Cameron, and Eli. Aside from being married to my Best friend, my wife of 10 years, Tiffany and the three sons she blessed me with, I’ve found hunting to be the most rewarding experience in my life. In closing when push comes to shove and that Full Draw moment finally happens I trust shot after shot, year after year to the best bows on the market today, Bowtech!

kyle devlin

Kyle Devlin
State: Kentucky
City: Independence
Age :28
Archery experience: 16 years

One simple fact about myself is I’ve never killed a deer with anything but a bow and arrow. After my first deer, I knew that feeling could not be achieved with any other weapon. It’s been a self taught obsession since the age of 12 and I have yet to have any other life event give me that same feeling. The feeling every bow hunter knows after releasing that perfect fatal arrow. I’ve shot many bows and killed many animals but sitting behind a bowtech adds that confidence factor that every bowhunter needs. The confidence that you have the absolute best tool needed to get the job done.

Currently shooting :
Bowtech Prodigy 70#

Lee Metcalf

Name: Lee Metcalf

State: Tennessee

City: Chattanooga

Age: 24

Archery experience: 14 years.

Why I Refuse to Follow: This life long obsession I have that we call hunting started way back before I can remember, from starting out with a BB gun killing birds and squirrels in the back yard 20 years ago to where I am today killing multiple mature bucks and turkeys year after year! I got my first real bow at the age of 10 and soon took up the sport of bow hunting and without a doubt you could say I’m hooked. I killed my first deer with a bow at the age of 15 and I haven’t slowed down since that moment, there is no greater feeling then living life at full draw! I cannot wait to become a member of the Bowtech family, and continue to Reign and Rule my Woods! I Refuse To Follow!!

Justin Wasmer

Justin Wasmer

State: Missouri
Age: 24
Archery Experience: 12 years
Throughout my years of bowhunting, I’ve had the privilege of owning 3 Bowtech bows, and have taken many wildlife with them, from squirrels to whitetail deer. I have stood bold about bowtech when in debates with my friends about what bow is the best, and have even converted 2 of my buddies from other brands to die hard bowtech guys now. Bowtech forever! Refuse to follow!

Bow of Choice: Prodigy
Right Handed
28.5″ Draw 80#

Michael Lowery

Name: Michael Lowery
State: Tennessee
City: Chattanooga
Archery experience: 18 years
Why I Refuse to Follow: Growing up as a kid it didn’t take long for me to realize the reason I was put on this earth, nothing other then to hunt and be in the great outdoors! From the time I dropped my first whitetail deer, to hearing my first gobble I knew it was a life long obsession. To me, there just isn’t anything else like bow hunting, it adds many variables to the hunt that only us true hunters know. Being up close and personal with an animal you’ve spent countless hours trying to harvest never seems to get old. From looks, to the feel, to killing power of Bowtech I can’t wait to make the change and that’s why I Refuse To Follow!

Brandon Collins

Name: Brandon Collins

State: West Virginia/Ohio

Archery experience: 22Years

Why I Refuse To Follow: This will be my first season with the Bowtech I am highly impressed with the bows performance. I’m excited to have it in my hand for this upcoming season.

Bow of Choice: BTX 31 27: Draw  65# Draw Weight

David Mackey

Name: David Mackey

State: Kentucky

City: Irvine

Archery experience:  15 Years

WHY I REFUSE TO FOLLOW: Without question there is no more of a rewarding challenge than taking a mature whitetail on his own turf. Several factors are involved in a successful hunt, and using the best equipment available gives me that slight advantage. That’s why I shoot a Bowtech. They are simply the best bow I have ever shot!

Bow of Choice: RPM 360

Ben Collins'

Name: Ben Collins

State: West Virginia/Ohio

Town: Fairmont

Archery experience: 10 Years

WHY I REFUSE TO FOLLOW: As a former Linebacker for WVU in 2002 I understand the importance of performance. Bowtech is a leader in Performance without a doubt. I am confident that my Bowtech will get me “Across That Goal line”

Bow of Choice: BTX 31

Kyle Leidy

Kyle Leidy