Team Bowtech

William Chapman

I am a 6 foot 8 inch 350 pound man named William Chapman and you can call me Bill, Billy, Big Guy or what ever you would like just don’t call me late for a meal. I shot a bow for a little bit when I was a kid. It was nothing like today. I got back into Archery when my daughter Danielle joins a group called ASAP about 4 years ago. I seen real quickly how much she loved it and how my family enjoyed being around it. Today I have jumped into the deep end. I was voted President of our local chapter of Bowhunters of Alabama and I also serve as the Director of the ASAP Team. I like to bow hunt and shoot 3D tournaments plus starting to do indoor dots. My whole family loves the sport and we do it together. I have the Insanity CPXL, the Boss and the Fanatic 2.0 and will not get rid of any of them.