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The 15 Year Buck

November 14, 2016

by: Christy Hemken, Bowtech Shooter

This year started off a little slow, I hadn’t filled a tag yet.  I’ve killed my fair share of deer in the past, but never a wall hanger!  For the past few years I have let several deer walk just waiting for the buck I’ve never had the chance at.  The rut “light switch” as I call it seemed to turn on about four days prior to killing my buck.  I first saw this buck out in the field chasing some does one evening, about 100 yards away.  From then on I was determined to hunt every opportunity I could while he was in the area.  The first morning hunt, I had just got into my stand, hadn’t even got an arrow nocked, when I heard something right below my stand. It was just starting to get daylight out, I looked down and yes it was him! I tried as quickly as I could to get an arrow out of my quiver, but he was walking away with his head down too quickly.  I tried grunting once before he left my sight.  About five minutes later a decent six pointer came in, then a small four point, and I let them walk in the hopes that he would come back. But, he never did that day.


“I instantly wanted to shoot, but I thought to myself, calm down make sure everything is right and make it happen.”

The next morning, I went right back to that stand just a little earlier this time.  Not even ten minutes after getting into my stand, a doe bust out of the woods right behind me into the field.  I knew by the way she ran out, there had to be a buck hot on her tail.  So, I stood up and grabbed my bow and looked behind me where she came from.  I didn’t see anything in the woods, so I looked into the field and yes there he was about 5 yards from the doe.  I knew they were getting ready to get down wind of me, so I had to make it happen quickly.  I judged my distance and determined he was 25 yards, I drew back and when I put my pin on him he lifted his head, he was winding me.  I instantly wanted to shoot, but I thought to myself, calm down make sure everything is right and make it happen. Then I let the arrow fly.  I saw the arrow go in and knew I made a good shot,  he instantly ran off fast, but when he got about 40 yards away he stopped at the edge of the woods.  I couldn’t see clearly through the brush, so I figured he walked off.  I waited up in the stand for a couple hours, I wanted to let him have time to die and wait for my husband to get there to help me track.

When my husband and I were walking out in the field looking toward the woods where I last saw him, he asked, “Where did he go in at?” I looked and said, “Right there. Where he is laying.”  He never made it into the woods. We could see his rack sticking up through the weeds. He was only about 40 yards from where I shot him!   I couldn’t be any happier! I finally got the buck I’ve been waiting years for! I’ve been bowhunting for 16 years and Bowtech is the best bow I have ever hunted with.  For my lower poundage, I need something with some hitting power and Bowtech delivers.  I love my Bowtech Carbon Rose!  Thank you Bowtech for helping fulfill my passion and giving me confidence in the sport I love.