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The Fanatic 3.0 ~ Victory is in the Details

October 18, 2016

Introducing the Fanatic 3.0. Designed by professional archers, the Fanatic 3.0 was built to dominate the podium at every level.


Victory is in the Details

Competition archers know the difference between first place and second place can be the smallest of margins. That’s why Bowtech has refined every last detail of its industry-leading target bow to create the new Fanatic 3.0. Just like the Fanatic 2.0 the Fanatic 3.0 is available in two cam systems, the SD and XL.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.04.12 PM

New improvements featured on the Fanatic 3.0

  • 10% Stiffer riser = more consistency
  • New grip geometry = improved stability
  • New rear stabilizer mount
  • Increased string and cable strand count =Virtually no creep
  • New color added (White)
  • Additional sight bracket threads

“The Fanatic 3.0 design is inspired by our professional archers. Whether you’re shooting on the professional circuit or at a weekend tournament, the Fanatic 3.0 has the design and technology to put you on the podium,” said Jake Siegel, Product Marketing Manager for Bowtech.