Bowtech was proud to support the 2017 Train To Hunt Season. We saw hundreds of amazing athletes push their bodies and bows to the limit. The finals occurred in early July and we created a few wrap up videos you can watch below. We'll see you in 2018!

Are You Ready For Train To Hunt This Year?

Kenton Clairmont (founder Train To Hunt) and Tim Glomb (Director Digital Bowtech Brands) discuss what the 2017 partnership looks like and how you can get involved. If you focus on the mental and physical side of hunting you need to be following the Train To Hunt series and look at attending, or even competing, an event near you.

Kenton Clairmont

Kenton is the founder of Train To Hunt and the Train To Hunt Challenge. He was raised in the rugged mountains of North Idaho where he hunted deer, elk and bear. He was a four-sport athlete throughout high school and attended Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, ID for his undergraduate studies. Kenton played catcher for the Warriors and received his degree in Kinesiology as well as a Teaching certificate for Physical Education (K-12) and Health (6-12). After college Kenton started coaching and teaching when he found his love of helping people overcome physical and mental barriers. He coached football, wrestling, and baseball while going to the University of Idaho where he received his Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Immediately following graduate school he began his personal training career and in 2008 he started his own business and became one of the first people to open a Crossfit Gym.

It was during a backcountry hunt in 2010 that the idea of training hunters for the demands of their specific hunting style came to him. He launched the Train To Hunt website in 2010 and the Hunter Athlete movement was born. A year later, he launched the Train To Hunt Challenge to give hunters an event to measure how well their training and shooting programs were preparing them for the up and coming season.

Kenton’s specializes
-Year-round training programs
-Periodization for peak performance
-Preparing adventure seeking hunters for the demands of extreme hunts
He loves God, his wife, Heidi, his three children, Jett (6), Ryder and Harper (4) and believes that the most important thing to remember is that “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Tom Spisz

Tom D. Spisz is a Bowtech Factory Staff member from Michigan. His current bows of choice are the Reign 7, Fanatic 3.0, and Bowtech BT-X 28.
It all began at the age of 4 for Tom, going out in the woods with his Father and the rest became History! The love to hunt is in his blood, but his passion to hunt lies with a bow in his hands. From a small town in Michigan, his game of choice if Whitetail and Turkey. Tom purse’s game in Michigan and Ohio, with soon additions of Bear to the North and Elk to the West. In the offseason, he competes in 3D competitions and weekend tournaments.
Tom is a true outdoorsman, every day that he is able to step foot into a field or the woods, he looks upon as a blessing to be in God's country. Tom actively promotes and participates in Quality Deer Management and conservation. As a passionate hunting archer Tom also represents a range of companies in our industry. He values his opportunity to do so and counts it as a blessing.
In 2013 Tom founded an organization later to become a charitable archery nonprofit in 2015 known as, Shoot for Life, where he sits as acting President. Shoot for Life takes the sport of archery by hosting archery shoots to help fight illnesses. Their goals are to help eradicate life-altering illnesses all while letting archers bring their passion to the fight and encouraging others to try out the sport. One-day Tom and Shoot for Life hopes to host various events in all States across the United States. Tom says there is much joy of being able to cross the sport of archery with the fight of eliminating illnesses and making a difference.
Being an Avid bow hunter, archer, and President only gets better when that is able to be shared with his girlfriend and archery partner, Alyssa. They enjoy hitting tournaments together, backyard shooting, and she films Tom on his hunts.
Staying fit both physically and mentally contributes to Tom’s success as a person, archer, and hunter. Keeping fit with hunting and archery focused workouts not only strengthens muscle and tendons. This aids in stamina, shot placement, muscle memory, and help avoid injuries.
Tom hopes to be a role model for many, introduce the love of archery to new generations, and encourage others to go beyond the bow.

Steven Dahn

Steven Dahn is a driven, compassionate, and mischievous fitness trainer focusing on functional fitness training.

"I have been in the competitive sports world for over 25 years now, and I've learned a few things over that time. The importance of training specificity is key when deciding how to move your body with purpose.

When I consider training myself or any of my clients for a specific goal, I do my best to keep in mind that no two people are alike. I am fully aware of the stress that daily life presents for professionals, students, mothers, sons, and everyone else in between. My goal is and always will be, to serve my clients with the best possible functional fitness training to suit their needs in a safe and healthy manner. I'm not gonna lie, there's going to be a lot of laughs as well!"

Randy Burnworth

Randy Burnworth

AGE: 28
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 215
Archery Equipment: Bowtech Reign 7, Victory VAP 300 arrows, Option archery

Randy Burnworth is a bowhunting fitness junkie and has been shooting a Bowtech for nearly 12 years. He wants to help inspire people to work hard to become effective bowhunters that incorporate archery equipment to responsibly harvest organic meat. Being a certified Crossfit level 1 trainer he believes crossfit is the most effective strength and stamina building program. This year he will be competing in the Train to hunt competitions. He feeds his archery addiction by working regularly at becoming the best shooter he can be which involves hours of tuning his equipment and practicing on a regular basis. He also is focused on becoming the strongest version of himself by conditioning his body and mind to be able to handle mother nature's adverse conditions. Randy has taken several big game animals with his Bowtech in past years but his favorite animal to hunt with a bow is elk. Three things: Show up, have faith, and execute.

Courtney LeVesque

My name is Courtney LeVesque, and I live by one simple philosophy, "hard work pays off". I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough you can achieve it, but it takes action, not just "dreams" to get you there. I am a certified fitness coach, I own two fitness companies, and I am fortunate enough to live out my passion for helping others succeed in reaching their goals. I specialize in women's fitness and empowerment and have a growing love for helping women across the country get more involved in enjoying the great outdoors.

I came to a crossroad in my own outdoor journey a little over a year ago, when I took my life long love for hunting to the archery world, and have immersed myself in a whole new world of fun and adventure. Being active in the outdoors isn't just "a thing I do", it's what I love, where my heart lies, and full of traditions I am passing on to my sons.

Kenny Hollingsworth

Kenny is a hardcore archer, bow hunter, endurance competitor, and follower of the #Dieliving mantra! Not a day goes by that isn't spent training, working, or thinking about how to best prepare for competing, hunting or living in general. When he found SOFLETE, he found a group of like-minded individuals that not only train hard physically but mentally as well. Fueled by the finish-or-die-trying attitude, Kenny hungrily attacks grueling mountain elk hunts and everyday life.

Rihana Cary

Keeping up with elk in the mountains is no easy task. On my first elk hunt I quickly realized I was in the worst shape for the high country, and was unsuccessful because I could not keep up with the terrain. That was when things changed for me, my love for hunting drove me to better my physical abilities and with no doubt increased my success. The last 4 years I have been able to go where most won’t and have harvested 4 branch bulls. I also attribute my success to the confidence I gained competing in the Oregon branch of Train to Hunt (TTH). Since, I have instilled the TTH lifestyle to my daily routine and have become a better athlete then I ever thought I could be. Im looking forward to sharing the Train to Hunt journey with you all, and make sure if you need any tips or tricks you get in touch with any of the BowTech Athletes.

Ty Cary

The demands of my job being a hunter and outdoor field producer are quit rugged sometimes. The remote locations we go around the world, the high elevation mountains and often times having to use high endurance to get the shot we need means I need to be in the best physical and mental shape of my life, all the time. When I'm not on the road, I train with Eric of Outlaw Strength no less than five days a week, pushing past my limits on every set. When on the road we go for runs or hit up local gyms, or if we are out in the bush we do what we can for a body weight workouts in the cabins or tents. The way we see it is it's your body, you only get one so we tend to want to take the best care of it as we can. Eating hea lthy, eating right and eating a lot goes hand in hand with working out. You can't be in top notch physical condition without having both!

Laura Gesh

At the age of 29 I decided that to hunt harder I needed to get in shape, I needed to be able to reach the top of the mountain or the bottom of the ravine with out any hesitation. I began my journey with training for a half marathon I had given my self a year and in that time I lost 40lbs and completed many races and my first half. I then moved on to crossfit so that I could gain lean muscle, this is when my love for fitness really took place. In 2011 I was in the best shape of my life and I could not explain how much more fun it made hunting. I am now a competitive crossfitter and also I am beginning my journey to running my 1st half marathon tail run in August of 2017. I choose to crosstrain by hiking 2 to 3 times a week as I feel at home on the mountain. I truly train to hunt as that is what drives me to exercise everyday. My best is advice is find something you love because Fit is not a destination but a way of life just focus on being a better you not a better someone else.

Brett Gesh

I feel that crossfit is the best all around exercise to prepare someone for the extreme western mountain hunting. That, with a balance of running to keep up cardio, is a big key to my outdoor success. That and of course a well-balanced diet. I do a few crossfit competitions each year just to try and push myself and keep on track. My wife Laura and I compete in as many couple competitions as possible including last years Oregon Train To Hunt.

Nikki Boxler

Being a fourth generation farmer, I was born and raised in the outdoors. Through farming, I have learned to have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and where my food comes from. I do a lot of scouting from the seat of a tractor and when I am not working you can typically find me with a big smile on my face and enjoying my time in the woods preparing for hunting season, on the water in pursuit of Muskie, or training in the gym for my next big adventure.

How's Your 3D Shooting? Are You Ready?

Kenton Clairmont walks you through how the 2016 3D target events will be scored. You can be awarded 1 point for hitting the target, 3 points for getting it in the lung area's larger border and 5 points for the tight lung area. Hit a line and you're scored into that area's points. Check out the video for visual confirmation.


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